vintage here, vintage there: everyday wear

December 14, 2010

vintage here, vintage there
This week Rachel and I decided to focus on some vintage everyday wear…

It was pretty cool here for a little while, though now it is back in the 80’s, but when it was cool, this was pretty much my uniform. I found this vintage poncho-thingy at a thrift store when I was in college. Ben and I sold some vintage clothes out of my closet in my mom’s house (I don’t even know why or how we got started doing that) and this was there to sell, but I liked it so much that I started wearing it and just kept it. I am so glad I did cause it is the coziest thing to throw over a shirt and leggings, as it keeps me cool enough, but cozy enough! I have been wearing this so much that everyday True says, “Mom, you are wearing that again?!!” No joke. I think last week, I wore it every single day. Don’t worry I change out the leggings and shirt most days.
vintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage there
I stay home all week long (because I don’t dare leave the house with 3 children, 4 and under) and I wear pretty much the same thing (so please forgive me if you pop in unexpectedly two days in a row and I am still wearing the same thing). That is why I love dressing up on the weekends! What do the kids wear? Well, they pretty much stay in pajamas all the time or at least leggings and a t-shirt (and throw on a cardigan for cozy measure!).
vintage here, vintage there
I have been wanting these perfect, black, ballet flats and I finally got it thanks to my mom who scored it for me during her black friday galavants to macy’s (thanks mommy!).
Since we stayed home due to Brave being sick, we went right in our front yard to take these pictures and True was so excited to take them. I told True to grab her flips flops, but she said, “Mommy, you are wearing pretty shoes, so I want to too!” Ah! My little rascal is such a ham!
vintage here, vintage therevintage here, vintage there
on me: shirt, american apparel. poncho, thrifted. leggings, target. shoes, jessica simpson from macys. on True: leggings, target. shirt, misha lulu. cardigan, vintage thrifted. shoes, vintage from fine little shop. little clip, made by true.
Do you need a little poncho to throw on? This, this, or this are really cute! Seriously, ponchos are kinda nice because it is kinda like wearing a blanket, but not! I love them! What is your easy-to-throw-on-everyday outfit?
Don’t forget to head “over there” and see what vintage everyday wear Rachel (and Miss Ruby) is sporting!!! I think her cardigan (borrowed from Adelaide Homesewn) is just perfect and want one like that, and her little Ruby is just as cute as always!!!
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don’t forget the giveaway!

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