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easter goodies
easter goodieseaster goodies
easter goodies
easter goodies
Just like I did for Ben’s Valentine present, I made the girls their own egg-ish shape surprise balls. We ditched the Easter basket and did the balls instead and I think with all the gifting they were given throughout the day from family, the surprise balls were definitely the way to go. I wonder if they would get bored if this became an Easter tradition instead of baskets and as they get older, maybe some dollar bills can get wrapped inside.
I have four girls, but did three balls because Glow didn’t really need one. The girls were beaming with the discovery of each new little treasure and I love that though the items were small and inexpensive, it did the job of giving the girls a special little something to celebrate the day. These surprise balls are perfect for tons of occasions!
If you celebrate Easter, what kind of goodies do you gift the little ones in your life?



  1. Christine Q says:

    Hi Ate Ruby. How are you? Anways justed to say I admire how you are so creative. Keep it up. I love reading your blogs. Take care

  2. Bethany says:

    Super fun! I had intended to do these this year but Easter snuck up on me… next year!

    I am stunned by Soul in these pictures… she doesn't look like a baby anymore! (Maybe it's just Glow sitting beside her in comparison, but still!)

  3. Erica Paiva says:

    beautiful pictures and so creative! love love love


  4. Your girls are so adorable! We didn't do baskets either but instead did a scavenger hunt with little clues leading them to some packages with a few treats and homemade bunny puppets (pics here http://www.kenjiandjen.com/2012/04/easter.html). I think little things are the way to go with kids…they can really appreciate the simple things!

  5. jane says:

    ok first of all, brave's face is PRICELESS when she's opening up her easter ball!!!

    secondly, i LOVE me some haribo. now i am craving! :)

  6. Sian Lile says:

    lovely little gifts and your girls are so beautiful!

  7. Mariana says:

    So lovely.
    I like the thought about the little things and the biggest smiles.

  8. Sara Stoff says:

    This is such a great alternative to an easter basket! I love it!

  9. erika says:

    They look great! and the girls look like they had lots of fun! I made suprise ball rabbits for my girls and mother…they loved it!

  10. RoeandLee says:

    We did Easter baskets with 4 little toys/prizes for each kid. It was a nice day, and we didn't do the baskets until they woke up from their naps later after church. I didn't plan it this way, I just didn't have time to put their basket together the night before. It wound up being nice since we were able to just focus on getting ready for church at the park. I think I will start waiting until later to give them their gifts instead of in the morning since it worked out so well.
    And I did the surprise ball for my husband's birthday last month, thanks so much for your awesome ideas!


  11. That is so sweet, you are such a wonderful mother and I do look for inspiration in your blog. One day I can hope to be half as great of a mother as you are!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Love the Easter egg balls! My youngest (who isn't so young anymore…15!) has a birthday in December so one year for her birthday we did Snow balls for the party favors – it was very fun!

    Can't believe how grown-up all of your girlies are looking…even little Glow!


  13. Hannah says:

    cute idea! so kind of random question do you guys go to CrossView Church in LA? I saw a picture on a freinds facebook from a wedding and it really looked like your girls in the picture. the pastor at the church is P.J. Tibayan and my husband did an internship for 6 months with him at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Anyway if that is you guys. funny what a small world it is. If not…sorry for this random comment :)

    • Rubyellen says:

      hi hannah! yes, that is the church we go to! that picture you saw just got posted on facebook yesterday, so i totally know what picture you are talking about! actually, P.J. and I grew up together. We have known each other since we were about 7 years old! What a small world!

  14. your kids are so beautiful. love the blogs with pics of them! and trues hair is getting so long. just adorable! xo

  15. What a perfect idea! Those tiny tiaras are my favorite, too. :)

  16. lidia says:

    this is cute!
    it's the little things (:

  17. megan lane says:

    They could not get any cuter!! Love their Easter outfits!

  18. astr!d says:

    thats a big ole couch full of sweet sweet girls!!!!!! they are all so beautiful!! i espically love that pic of true with the little crown!!!!!

  19. RachelDenbow says:

    You said SURPRISE BALLS!!!! (laughing like an eight year old)

  20. elissabraun says:

    what a great idea! it looks like it made the day even more fun.

  21. Veronica TM says:

    the surprise balls (ahem) are a great idea! i will try and make them for fiona for the next special occasion. i made her these little pom-pom bunnies this year http://petunia.typepad.com/petunia/2012/03/bunnies.html, and she made one too.

  22. Bibi says:

    very goed idée!


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