April 11, 2012

planning mealsplanning meals
Our newest Food & Wine issue came in and there are a ton of good stuff that I marked to be put into the family meal planning schedule within the next few weeks. There are two that really stood out and one of those might get cooked tomorrow (instead of what I originally planned from last week). I am getting hungry just thinking about it. One of them involves kimchi and I really love kimchi. If I had to be re-born into another Asian, I think I would choose to be Korean, though it is neck in neck with being Japanese. Their food is just so much better than Filipino food (to me at least).
For our meal planning, I have typically just been searching through Food Network recipes, Smitten Kitchen, and a few others online resources. I really do like looking through Food & Wine though, I think good pictures make the world of a difference. For me, the problem with using actual magazines is that I don’t like to tear out pages, and the recipe I like gets lost because the magazine gets put in with the other stacks of Food & Wine magazines we have and I never remember which issue to find it again. Does that ever happen to you?
It won’t happen this time though because blogging about it will be a good reminder and I think for sure I am making one of the above recipes tomorrow. My parents are coming over for dinner, so I want to make something extra yummy!
When looking for new recipes, what is your go-to source?

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  • Silvy says:

    hi ruby! i used to pin your lovely meal ideas on pinterest (and diy too) but now i can't… πŸ™ did you block it? so sorry abou that… love, silvy

    • Rubyellen says:

      hi silvy! no, i didn't. i don't know. maybe pinterest did something to prevent it, but i didn't block it at all. i am guessing the system might be down. i wish you could pin away!

    • Rubyellen says:

      i did some digging. i didn't block it. i think flickr, the picture hosting site which i use, block all flickr pictures from being pinned. so sorry! i love pinterest too!

    • Silvy says:

      hi ruby, thanks for your reply! i sent a message to the pinterest support, let's see what they say! i read too that flickr blocks pinterest, but usually when the user doesnt want her pics to be pinned.. this is very disappointing!! if you check my pinterest page (silvy1606) you will see i pinned many things from your lovely blog (recipes, diy, cute ideas for birthdays, and also some of your beautiful pictures), and i'd like to do that again! besides, i guess this problem will affect soon others blogs πŸ™ LOVE, silvy

  • Dee says:

    oh man, we lived in South Korea for two and a half years. i MISS that food!!
    so much kick to it…mmm~ πŸ™‚

  • Aye Two Bee says:

    My favorite source for recipes is so much delicious stuff to look at!

  • sk says:

    I love Food & Wine! And Smitten Kitchen too. Other favorites are the Everyday Food magazine (so super simple) and 101cookbooks. I also subscribe to Bon Appetit– they have awesome recipes too.

    And, have you tried, when you are looking for something in particular?

  • Cate says:

    I used to subscribe to some 70+ magazines, and have files upon files of clippings of everything from recipes to make to decorating ideas. Now, with the advent of Pinterest, if I see a recipe I like in a magazine, I find it online and pin it. Problem solved. I greatly reduced the amount of magazines I subscribe to (because there's so much inspiration online), and I reduced clutter as I recycle all my clippings after finding them online and pinning them.

  • Vang says:

    I love kimchi too! Sometimes I just have kimchi and jasmine rice as a snack.

    I typically use Real Simple recipes because I find that the recipes don't take too long (30-40 min) and there aren't too many ingredients involved. I don't like buying an entire package of something that I only need a teaspoon of for one recipe. So a short list of ingredients in a recipe stands out to me.

    Vang πŸ™‚

  • liezl says:

    AH! I totally agree with you about Korean vs. Filipino food (don't tell my Mama, though). After living in Korea for a year, kimchi and jjigae and everything else became my comfort. Wow, I really crave Korean food now, haha!

    For recipes, I'm a big fan of,, and And is always a go-to!

  • Lisette says:

    I am a big fan of Everyday food. The magazine is small enough it fits in my purse to take it with me to the grocery store and the recipes are simple enough you can make something new all the time.

  • I love Rachel Ray Everyday Magazine. Best part, most of the recipes are on their website, so I can just Pin a recipe if I like it instead of trying to find it in the magazine πŸ™‚

  • I get daily emails from I made this last night (well my crockpot did!). I think you guys would like this. We ate it over some rice. I know you guys like spicy so I added more hot spices and more coconut milk:) It was a curry vegetable soup

  • You! You are my go-to source for recipes! I love kimchi too but I don't know how to make it or anywhere in our small town to buy it. BTW I think your True is onto something with the tofu. Apparently too much soy products messes with hormone/estrogen levels. A food to be eaten in moderation. In fact many Asian cultures only eat soy that is feremented. Fermented soy is safe. Some countries (New Zealand for one) have banned baby formula made with soy for the hormone reason.
    I love your recipes but I most often sub the tofu.

  • The Bitten Word is great (I went to college with Zach), Kath Eats Real Food is great for a registered dietician's menu (tasty and balanced), and I keep Dr. Sears' Family Nutrition book close at hand as a guide of what is great and what is not great. And then when I'm out of inspiration, I copy a week's meals from last year at this time. No brainer, season-appropriate

  • Mallorie says:

    Two Peas and Their Pod!! Fabulous blog, I haven't got a bad recipe yet. Or the Pioneer Women. And lately, you! πŸ™‚ I love meal planning. You've given us a couple good ideas! It's nice to see another momma that takes the time to do so. It makes all the difference!

  • Josephine says:

    Hi Rubyellen!

    Your meal planning endeavours inspired me to start a few weeks ago! A great website for budget-conscious, simple recipes is (yep, I'm from Australia). There are literally thousands of recipes to explore, but they are all well categorised, allowing for easy searching.

    Happy searching!

  • Magazines- I do rip out the pages though (could you check the food and wine website and see if you can print them out?)
    Also blogs are a great resource…pinterest too!

  • gabrielle says:

    i recently made these little scrapbooks to save all my magazine recipes bc i used to have a big pile of dusty magazines saved for one or two great ideas.

  • Photo copy them and stick them in a binder of sorts. File then in detailed categories.

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