April 12, 2012

braided tablecloth bagbraided tablecloth bagbraided tablecloth bag
I started making these types of bags so long ago. See here, here, and here. So when Brave needed her own little dance bag, I knew exactly what I was going to make. This one is True’s dance bag and now Brave has her own for dance class. I made the instructions for the bag a long time ago for a little project I did for Free People (see here) and if you want to make your own braided tablecloth bag, you can get the instructions right here.
Brave’s bag was made without the cotton batting, but I think it works for this purpose. My little dancer was happy with it, despite the fact we got to dance class only to realize she only had one tap shoe inside the bag. Oh well! Hopefully next week, she will remember to make sure all her dance shoes are inside!
On a pinterest side note… some of you have emailed and commented to let me know you aren’t able to pin somethings you see here. Well, flickr has decided to block pinterest from using flickr pictures for pins and I use flickr to host my pictures, so you are no longer able to pin directly from my blog. I think this move is a good and bad thing. To work around it, I have pinned some things you might like from here and you can repin directly from me. This way, I am properly credited in pinterest and we can still all share ideas.
If you want to pin some ideas from here, follow the Cakies board here or just follow along with me on pinterest here. If there is something from my blog, that I did not pin, but you would like to pin, just let me know and I will try to get that pinned. Hope this helps us still be happy pinners!


  • Leila says:

    Too cute! 🙂 I'm sure all her friends are very envious of her new bag.

  • Silvy says:

    love the bag! i've just checked the instructions over freepeople, very nice! and brave is too sweet, she has grown up so much!! love, silvy

  • AvMeg says:

    So cute 🙂

  • moxiemandie says:

    I LOVE this! Hope to make one (or three) this weekend!

  • Ana says:

    She is one cute little ballerina. Love that bag, too!

  • Katy says:

    Such a cute litte ballerina, and that bag is incredible! My older girl just started dance too and I was preparing to draft my own dance bag on a whim. Can't wait to use your pattern instead! Thanks for sharing!!

  • All of your bags are so pretty! I love this idea. Thanks for pinning it so I could, too. I want to get into sewing this year and would love to try my hand at one of these.

    ~ Jennifer

    For some reason I'm not able to post with a link directly to my blog anymore. It always tells me 'Your OpenID credentials could not be verified.' when I use the OpenID option. If I use the Typepad option it just routes right back to this comment without posting it. Yours is the only blog that gives me this message. It's been happening for a few months… Wondering if anyone else is having trouble? (I use typepad.)

    I'm only able to use my google account to leave a comment (which I never use for anything).

  • Amy says:

    Adorable bag. The situation between flickr and pinterest is actually different from what you describe. Flickr has made it an “opt out” situation for pinning public Flickr photos. What this means is that any photo you have set for public viewing (vs private view), flickr made not pin-able.

    HOWEVER, as the owner of the flickr account you can change that. Simply go into your privacy settings and un-check the box that makes your public photos un-pinable.

    Flickr assumed more people would prefer not to be pinned than to be pinned (also they have a vested interest in forcing people to continue to use the flickr format only) so that means individuals have to choose to make their photos pinnable if they want them to be rather than vice versa. I too use Flickr for my blog photos but my photos can be pinned because I made the change in my privacy settings. Just, fyi

  • Sara says:

    She is so Ben in that first pic! Wow!

  • Silvy says:

    love that you created a 'cakies stuff' pinterest board! you are the sweetest! anyway, regarding what amy said, i think she's right, there are blogs using flickr like you where it is possible to pin images, so hopefully you will be able to solve the problem 🙂 LOVE, silvy

  • Melanie says:

    Beautiful bag for a beautiful little dancer. 🙂 My 5yo dances too and we've run into the dilemma of getting to class only to find that something is missing like a shoe – sigh. 🙂
    Quick Flickr question…why do you use it to host your photos for your blog rather than simply uploading pictures from your computer? As a new-ish blogger I'm always curious to learn how others handle things like this. I don't really know any bloggers IRL to ask, so I'm a bit on my own as I play in Blogland. 🙂

    • Rubyellen says:

      in the beginning, i heard that blogger only allowed a certain number of pictures or something like that, maybe has to do with memory capacity, i don't even remember, but that is what made me start using flickr. plus, should anything ever happen to my pictures on my computer. at least i have a good number of them backed up online. hope this helps!

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