polaroid tuesday: week fifty

December 15, 2009

I love this dress. I wish it fit me. I want someone to do a fun photo shoot wearing this dress.
week fifty
Ben is real cute. He loves to read my blog and all your comments. He checks it daily.
Yesterday, he read my post and which linked him back to last year’s birthday and then commented, “Wow. That dress has been hanging there for a year.”
“A little over,” I replied.
I first put the dress there because the wall looked bare, but then in the middle of the night I would get freaked out because well, the dress can kind of look scary hanging there in the middle of the night, so I took it down for a bit. But then, I missed seeing it hanging, so I put it back and so it has stayed there for over a year now. It is such a pretty dress and looks pretty hanging.
Why the dress story?!! Who knows. I just thought it would make such a pretty polaroid. Don’t you think?
Happy Tuesday everyone! I have a list of to-dos before Christmas, but I am just not motivated to work. I really just want to watch movies under a cozy blanket and crochet all day.

11 comments on “polaroid tuesday: week fifty”

  • BakerGirl says:

    Such a pretty dress!! Love the polaroid!

  • Jessica West says:

    that is a cute dress! Where did you get it? Etsy?

    also love the mustache pictures…I want to create some for my upcoming wedding and photobooth we are going to make 🙂

  • Renee says:

    I can't believe you can't fit in that dress…is it a prom dress? I think you would look great in that dress because you are a fun person…it fits your personality. 🙂 It might be fun to take a pic in that dress during one of your special breakfasts in bed…that might be kinda cool…. a ruffled dress in your cozy bed. 🙂 Who knows maybe True,Brave or Soul will wear it when they are older since it seems like you will have that dress for a long time so it will have a story to tell. 🙂 i can't wait to see week 52 of your polaroid project. 🙂

  • Susan says:

    what size is it, ruby??? i want to try it :O)

    don't give it away, whatever the case. maybe one of your girlies will fit it one day. one of them is bound to end up loving gorgeous vintage things – if not all of them :O) or maybe you can make some gorgeous skirts out of it for your daughters to wear to something very special. that would be so cool. to see the dress come to life again, only in a completely unique way.

  • mrs_muffins says:

    Oooh, I love it!!! 🙂

  • It's soooo pretty!
    Happy Holidays to your sweet family!
    Laurie and family

  • melindakimbo says:

    i'll go over on sat and twirl around in it for you… let me lose a few lbs first.
    i should have worn that for my wedding!

  • lol.

    that is so cute that ben reads the comments. nick doesn't really check my blog, i don't think 😉

    that is such a cute dress!!!!

  • Rosalind says:

    Hubby reads my blog too which I think is sweet 🙂 Congrats on making 50 weeks of Polaroid – what a commitment – 2 to go and you are freeeee. Love the dress and I probably couldn't have it hanging in my room though as I would think it was a person when I woke during the night – eek 🙂

  • How did 52 weeks of polaroid get to 55… Are you trying to extend the year??? Crazy girl!

    OH… and I totally have an idea for your girls! I hope I can pull it off =)

  • I can NOT believe u have that dress. I am a photographer here in Florida….anyways my 13 year old today said “mom I want to take a picture in a soft yellow dress that is strapless and flowy on the bottom”. This dress is exactly what I invisioned. LOVE IT. Oh, I can see her in a field of tall grass or wheat. It would be fabulous!

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