Another instant art project that will definitely be fun for the kids! I am thinking we may do another tomorrow, but this time just using black. I think a black bubble one would be a nice contrast hanging next to these colored ones. Just a word of caution though, do this outside with nothing around that you don’t mind getting a bit of color on. And when they’re done, your kids may just have a smidge of color splatter on their face too. It’s real cute!

If you do any on the instant art projects, just leave a link here as I would love to see it! See last week’s instant art project here.




  1. I might try it this weekend! Sounds like fun!

  2. What a great project! It looks like loads of fun yet so simple. Definitely adding this to my list of things to do with the kids over Summer :)

  3. Mariana says:

    Oh, I'm sure this was fun!! :)

  4. How fun that looks! I will definitely be buying some watercolors and letting my kids go to town :) At the beginning of the year we did string art. We poured several different colors of tempura pain onto a palette, and cut yarn and string into various lengths. Each kidlet would take turns dipping their sting into the paint, getting it full of paint, then would stand up, and let the string go. The paper was taped to the ground, so we had lots of line and squiggled paint splatters. They had a blast and just laughed at the way each piece of string would land. They were entertained for a good couple of hours too! I was looking up an example of what we did, and came across this. I thought you would enjoy some of these quick art activities since you always do so much fun stuff with your girls :)

  5. island-shii says:

    Very cute! I love the colours ^^

  6. Deanne says:

    this is brilliant and so simple yet fun, i'll add this to our summer holidays crafts list :) x

  7. Zoete Kers says:

    Art from kids are the best! :) )
    Loves from Holland!

  8. Jean says:

    so fun! i did this with my preschoolers last week. they love it!!

  9. Felicia says:

    What a cute and fun project!

  10. Cate says:

    Love this one and will totally do it with my kids next week. Kid art is my favorite! This is what we did last week …

  11. Mindi says:

    I did something similar for a high school art project and it was so much fun! These look great-thanks for sharing!

  12. oh i'm loving this! so simple and SO pretty! a must try for sure :) tahnks ruby :)

  13. Ana says:

    I love this so much! My girls are going to love it even more when I have them do it. Thanks for sharing this idea!

  14. Nina says:

    wow, it`s amazing, how cute is this idea, I`ll definitively try this for some fun art. One of my goals for this summer is learning to draw, so this would be a nice start. Congratulations for such a wonderful DIY.

  15. Chika san says:

    i L-O-V-E this! so cute, so easy, SO FUN! (o^_____^o) ♥

  16. You are one smart and crafty mama!

  17. virukka says:

    What a great idea! So organic and fun :)

  18. Lisa says:

    we will def be giving this a go!! looks like so much fun L:)

  19. Leigh Anne says:

    So cute! Where do you find those solid white frames?

  20. What a fantastic idea. Am definitely going to do this with my daughter, she'll have so much fun.

    PS Have been reading you're blog for awhile now and love it. Thank you for writing it. xxx

    PPS Your family is beautiful. You are very blessed :)

  21. Marie-Eve says:

    Brilliant and simple!
    Great summer craft project.
    Good Job ;)

  22. I've been trying to think of new wall art so I can make my new apartment look a little more modern! This is perfect! And who doesn't love spending a day with colored bubbles!!!

  23. I love this idea! Do you think it would work on canvas? I’m going to try it soon with my 4 1/2 and 3 year old….will share photos if it turns out!

  24. Love this technique! I’ve posted a link to it if that’s OK with you. Thanks!

  25. kristin says:

    holy crap! this is too cool. i really want to try this.

  26. Marcy says:

    Love this. I just started a girls scout troop..well Daisy”s..perfect art project for us to do! Thanks!

  27. Regina says:

    HI Rubyellen! I love this bubble art idea and I made one with my daughter!!! You have totally inspired me in soooo many ways!!! You are awesome! My daughter has autism she is 2 years old and I am a stay at home mum some days can be overwhelming but Cakies has taught me so much and given me a positive attitude to life and faith in god and still continues to do so…. Thank you! You are a beautiful person and you have a wonderful family. Regards Regina from Singapore


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