their gifts to soul

presents for soul presents for soul presents for soul presents for soul presents for soul presents for soul presents for soul The big girls had little gifts they made for Soul that I thought deserved its own post. It was so cute because the night before True stayed up working in her closet, with the door closed, making stuff for Soul. We had no idea what. She did come downstairs and asked us to help tape up the box for her present. Ben and I were smiling and giggling about how cute she was being about it.

True said, “I even made her a card.”

I replied, “What did you say?”

She said, “It is the sweetest message, but I can’t remember.” These are heart melting type moments.

The next morning, during Soul’s Rody-O party, they presented Soul with her presents and True made her a bag and necklace! So cute! As you can see, they were made with normal things around the house, but she was so resourceful in how she made them. That girl is so clever! I feel like I may have a future craft blogger on my hands.

I like seeing my girls be thoughtful to one another. They do plenty of fighting, but they do plenty of loving things too.



11 Responses to “their gifts to soul”

  1. MarĂ­a says:

    How beautiful they are… :)

  2. lin says:

    Oh my world. True cracks me up. Pretty nifty bag.

  3. Vang says:

    So cute! It’s amazing how creative kids can get. I LOVE the birthday party, so simple yet so unforgettable. Happy Birthday to Soul!

  4. Marisa says:

    bless their hearts! can’t wait to watch my babies interacting more and more as they get older x

  5. BekRe says:

    Pic 2 made me smile- birthdays are a serious business!!

  6. You have just the cutest little family.

  7. Kitty says:

    Oh my!
    Your girls are just the sweetest things!
    I have no children myself yet, but when I do…. I hope that they are as charming as your little ones!


  8. Christine says:

    That was really sweet! Thanks for sharing :) Love their expressions in the second picture!

  9. Maria Bryan says:

    I can’t even handle how cute your girls are!!! I love the necklace…I will take 3 please!

  10. Bethany says:

    Such sweetness! I’m sure you do have a crafter on your hands… you should be very proud!!!

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