diy: a very thankful garland

thankful garland thankful garland thankful garland thankful garland thankful garland I wanted the girls to list out things they are thankful for and this was our simple solution…

Strips of colored paper
Colored pencils
Sewing machine

Cut out your strips of paper (add a fancy shape if your heart desires). Let your kids write things they are thankful for. Then, run the strips of paper and the twine through the sewing machine using a zigzag stitch at the top (or you can just tape or glue the twine onto the back of the paper). I hung ours up from the ceiling and it gives it this cool kind of twirling effect.
thankful garland thankful garland My big three girls got in on the being thankful action. I can’t quite comprehend what Soul’s thankful for, but I’m going to guess it’s for shoes and makeup because those are her favorite things… oh boy! I do love reading through all their thankfulness and apparently, Brave is even thankful for numbers! I never would have guessed as math isn’t a fave subject around here. I think it’s good for the girls to go through a list like this often. I really want them to be constantly developing a deep heart of thankfulness, after all, we do have so much to be thankful for!

Do you have anything you are particularly thankful for at this moment? I just ate an In-N-Out burger, so my tummy is very thankful for that.



11 Responses to “diy: a very thankful garland”

  1. Charlotte says:

    What a fun and colourful idea!

  2. Delphine says:

    Hi! Thanks for all your good ideas and pictures! I love your blog!

  3. How cute and simple. I love it.

  4. Courtney says:

    I love what they are thankful for! “school,” “numbers,” “people,” …haha! This is adorable.

  5. Martha Moger says:

    I love this. Making thankfulness a habit is definitely a good idea.

  6. i love this and i’m thankful for looking at your beautiful pictures, haha…

  7. Marlene says:

    What a great idea. Need to start this with my kiddo today!

  8. Bethany says:

    You always take ideas and make them even cuter! I wanted to tell you to check out my blog posting from a day ago because I posted the cutest little Russian animation. It’s about 10 minutes long and your girls would love it! I thought of you when I posted it! :)

  9. Julie says:

    Great idea! Too bad we don’t celebrate thanksgiving in Belgium.

  10. Cassi says:

    I love this idea so much! I’ll be featuring it on The Crafty Crow soon :)

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