pancakes for breakfast

January 22, 2011

Every morning we all eat pretty much the same thing. The kids get O’s and soy milk, Ben eats oatmeal loaded with fruit, and me, oatmeal with chocolate milk. We stick to some basic and simple things, and try to stay away from sugary cereals for healthy reasons and cost (those sugary cereals, though yummy are expensive). Though on days when I want to break from the monotony, I keep a box of Trader Joe’s buttermilk pancakes mix accessible and ready. It is the best cause it is delicious, easy, and lacks hydrogenated oils compared to other buttermilk ready mixes. The girls get especially excited when they see me whip it out, thus today was the day to do just that!
pancakes for breakfastpancakes for breakfastpancakes for breakfast
Don’t let the gloomy faces above fool you. They really were excited, but maybe they were just busy devouring their pancakes! I devoured in a couple myself!
Today, no cleaning was done, so my house doesn’t look any better, but I did get out and have lunch with some girlfriends. That was the first time we all got out of our pj’s since Tuesday! We have been enjoying being lazy all week long!
Here’s to hoping I have a more productive weekend!
p.s. today is hugging day!

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