soul’s seventh birthday outfit

For Soul’s birthday outfit, I made her a dress with Star Wars fabric and a Luke-inspired jacket. She’s been wanting his jacket from Episode IV, which is pretty basic, so I added some fun pattern inside. Also, the extra layer will help it be more of a jacket. She was ecstatic when she opened up her gifts to see her specially made for her outfit. I think her little smile says it all. I think she’s worn this outfit a hand full of times already, and she only got it a little over a week ago.



5 Responses to “soul’s seventh birthday outfit”

  1. janis higuera says:

    just adorable <3

  2. bekkah says:

    That is absolutely adorable!! She’s such a cutie :]

  3. Jayne Stark says:

    I love this outfit, the Star Wars dress is amazing, and my daughter would love this she has been obsessed with everything Star Wars since she started wearing rebels on the telly! Your post reminded me of when she saw these shoes and had to have them because ‘then she could be like C-3PO’. I think these would go great with this Star Wars outfit as well!

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