soul turns seven

Our Soulie turned seven about a month ago, and she’s the one that intentionally tries to be like me, so her birthday request was to stay in bed all day (like I do) and do nothing, but watch movies. Thus, that’s exactly what we did. She did have specific food requests… pancakes for breakfast, In-N-Out for lunch, two pies (1 pecan, 1 pumpkin) for her birthday cake, and homemade pineapple and prosciutto pizza for dinner. Funny thing is she barely ate any of it! When she’s excited, she tends not to eat, and this pretty much happens every birthday. She’ll make these grand food requests, but just have a bite or two. Nevertheless, I’m happy I can make her little birthday food wishes come true.

Ben and I had 7 gifts for her, her handmade birthday outfit (see more about it here), her own Fuji Instax camera, film, photo album, a bag, and mechanical pencils. Her sisters went all out with handmade gifts for her, and Brave even played the Happy Birthday song on the guitar for her. It was such a chill day, and we all hung out together and watched a bunch of movies in bed. I’d say by her smile you can tell that it was exactly the way she wanted to usher in seven.





7 Responses to “soul turns seven”

  1. kathig says:

    I love the way your family celebrates birthdays, always such great posts! Happy (belated) Birthday, Soul!

  2. Frederique says:

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful girl!!!!!!!!

  3. bekkah says:

    Happy birthday to Soul!! She seems like such a cool kid. :]

  4. Rose says:

    So sweet! I’d be looking forward to my birthday each year as well with the way you celebrate it in your family. I love how your girls are such big Star Wars fans too. :)

  5. sgrmse. says:

    i’ve always loved bratcher birthdays!! specifically decided to check in (after a loooong time of not really reading blogs) for one and i’m happy for my fix! (: happy belated birthday, soul!

    and happy new year, mommybear bratcher!

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