February 13, 2016

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Once winter came along, I stopped my waking up early routine. I’m going to go back to it this week; I really miss my quiet mornings.

My sister and I worked on some more videos. Can’t wait to share them with you! Folloy my YouTube channel here!

I need to throw a party that would match this paper jungle garland.

Repainting a thrift store canvas is genius. I need to pick one up next time I go.

I want to sew a dress shaped like this for the girls.

I like the natural look of these woven sandals.

Even though this denim shift dress is for kids, I’d totally wear it.

These are the most adorable barrettes I have ever seen!

It’s been a weird couple of weeks trying to get a new schedule down. It’s made me feel a little out of sorts. I’m thankful for changes though, I can’t wait to see how God grows us through it.

Some of my babes have been sick this week. Thankfully, all is well now and we are ready for our Valentine’s Day celebrations. We have neighbors coming over later and then tomorrow afternoon we celebrate again with some friends.

Enjoy this Valentine’s weekend with your loves!

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