xoxo heart felt bag

February 12, 2016

XOXO Heart Felt Bag

Heart Bag Template
Felt (red and white)
36″ 3mm macrame cotton cord (size may vary depending size of child)
Embroidery floss in coordinating colors
Thread in coordinating colors
Hand-sewing needle
Sewing machine

Seam allowance: 1/2″

1. Cut out your bag pieces: 2 pieces for bag body, 4 pieces for XOXO. Place your XOXO pieces on the front bag piece and hand-sew on with a running stitch.
2. Place the two bag pieces together (with the XOXO facing out), and sew around bottom two-thirds of the heart (see template for where to start and end), leaving the top third open.
3. Sew on your strap with a little zig-zag stitch, make sure to leave 1.5″ of the ends dangling. With your needle, fray the end of the cotton cord for a little fringe.

Stuff the bag with a heart headband and some chocolates… instant (well, after you make it) love day gifts. Two days left until Valentine’s and I think you still have just enough time to make this bag!

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