a little late

July 6, 2009

I did a little disappearing act last week. It was just a crazy, crazy week. Lots of things going on with the house, planning a visit to Texas to see family, then plotting something to do for our anniversary. It was just crazy, then factor in selling a car, well, it was utter chaos. But God is good and proved how in control He is even when things seem so frustrating. 

So here we are now, in San Antonio and having fun, though the heat here takes a little getting used to. Can you believe that it is still about 100 degrees at 9 o’clock at night?!! Yeah. I know. Just crazy! We will be here for the week, kind of, but Ben and I have plans to make our way to New Orleans for our anniversary, but it seems our plans are so fluid that those may change too. Maybe, we won’t be up for the drive, we go back and forth. Nevertheless, one thing we know for sure is that this week will fly by so fast and back to life and back to reality it will be for us.
I know Father’s Day was a couple weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to share the little thing us girls concocted. It all came together at the end as I was so stuck on what to do. My plan was to make a pop-up book inspired by Lisa Hannigan’s Lille video, which I learned about from Danni, but the idea intimidated me. Well, let’s just say I got the courage and my Benny loved it. It did take a little time as I guessed my way at making a pop-up book. I hadn’t made one of these since the third grade. Along with the theme of the book, we did a little sea themed day and gave him his present at the beach. I sang and showed him the book at the same time. I must say singing at the beach makes me nervous. I was hoping no one could hear. I don’t think they could. Then, I ended up having to re-enact the whole performance for my family once we joined them for dinner, which my sister was able to snap a few shots.
papi pop-up bookpapi pop-up book
Here are the lyrics that went along with the story:
We went to sea for a day
For his kids wanted to play
In the sunshine and the sand
Holding tightly to his hand
Them he loved, endlessly
Happy are they, and so is he

He goes to work every morning
They stay home, but him their missing
Longing to be in his arms
Enchanted by all his charms
Him they love durably
Love alive and wild, it feels so free

Out at sea in the daytime
All together basking in the sunshine
Laughing together is happy noise
With our Papi he fills us with so much joy
That we love undeniably
All together watching God’s great sea

We want to stay until the evening
And enjoy the sunset we love the feeling
And being together we are one
Under the magnificence of the Son
Through this life endlessly
You are our love, yes, it is only thee…

papi pop-up book
papi pop-up book
papi pop-up book
The most important thing was that Benny loved it and the girls really did help make it (a little), they had a hand in some coloring, so this was a team effort. Though, when it came time to perform they kinda bailed on me. I guess they are still a little little. We will have plenty of more chances, Lord willing. If you want to see the rest of the pop-up book, just take a looky here
Have a good week everyone! I have a feeling my posting will be quite light as I will be galavanting around San Antonio and somewhere else (maybe New Orleans) later this week. 

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  • Sherryl says:

    Wow Rubyellen! That is sooo creative! Please let me know how you got the instructions on making one of these. I would love to surprise the grandparents for Christmas! You can email me at [email protected]

  • ricebabies says:

    I am from Texas, I do miss the heat. Great blog, and thanks for the head up about the giveaway at Misha Lulu

  • Well I CAN believe it b/c I live in the great state of Texas :)! Hope you have a great time whilst here and that book is adorable!!

  • Rubyellen says:

    sherryl- i am sorry that i don't have instructions, but i kinda guessed my way through.

    ahh! the great state of texas is very, very hot!!!

  • I think the best and most meaningful presents are those you make… and I'm sure Benny will keep this one forever!!! You totally put me to shame. Sending some prayers that all your plans fall into place!
    love you! xo

  • kristineW says:

    How awesome is that book! Is there anything you can't create? Thanks for inspiring all of us to find something special and beautiful in the “ordinary”. Hope you're having a blast in San Antonio! I love that city!

  • awww this makes me miss my seester! my sister is so pretty and creative!!! come back soon!

    mom told me about true's arm. hahah so funny.

  • zombiemommy1 says:

    oh my that book is awesome~!!! your whole family is pure AWESOME!!!

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