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November 9, 2015

Welcome to our dining room. A couple months back, I mentioned we were getting an 8 foot long antique farm table, so we needed to move the placement of our piano. Somehow the table leg broke while still in possession of the antique dealer, so we decided to hold off on purchasing it. I’m so glad we ended up not getting rid of our current farm table.

We had plans to replace the dining chairs (Ben doesn’t like the shell chairs in that space), and we’ve had our eye on a couple styles from Amsterdam Modern. We have a couple vintage pieces from them and love them! That shop is such a dangerous place for me; they carry some serious vintage eye-candy. We came for chairs, but I ended up leaving with a plant stand too.

Initially, we had planned to bring the vintage, metal French chairs that are in the kitchen to use here (and put these there), but these didn’t look right there. Thus, we tried the Amsterdam Modern chairs in this space and they looked perfect! Ben loves these chairs so much more here, and frankly, so do I. My mint and cobalt blue shell chairs are currently in my craft room, but I’m debating on if I should sell them. I just love the color so much, but I don’t want to be a hoarder, so it may be wise to part with them.

The artwork is the family portrait created by our girls, you can read about our vintage piano here, and that rusted metal stool in the corner is the first ever flea market piece Ben and I purchased together. We got it at a flea market in Texas, and I remember the lady was selling it for $10, and we were really trying hard to bargain with her. We walked away with it for $8, but we laugh now because we have paid some outrageous prices for scratched up metal things (we’ve walked away with some insanely great prices too). What can I say though, I love vintage metal furniture!

Back when I was writing my book, this room was an insane mess (see it here).

7 comments on “our dining room”

  • Karla says:

    It looks lovely! But funny… I think the chairs look similar to the old ones (just slightly less curvy). 😛

    • Rubyellen says:

      Thank you! Ben loves how the seat is flat and instead of a bucket! He says it’s more comfy for his back.

  • Jes says:


    I love the dining set – I have been wanting something like this for a while now, but they can be expensive.

  • Melli says:

    Your home is so inspirational! I love the simplicity, the pop of colours and of course the homemade art work <3

  • Anna says:

    Just purchased this same piano you have, but ours didn’t come with the piano bench. Wondering if you found your piano bench separately? Wondering if you might have any ideas or suggestions on how i might go about locating a matching piano bench? Thank you!

    • Rubyellen says:

      My bench came with it. Actually, for awhile I didn’t use it with the piano and had it stored in the garage because I thought it was too matchy matchy and used a vintage stool along with it. Since we moved it, I’ve brought the bench out and I don’t mind it there now. I say find a cute metal stool to go with it! I love the eclectic look!

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