October 25, 2014

balloonThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Glow likes her haircut so much, she tried to cut more off herself! Thankfully, she didn’t cut too much.

These peanut butter cookies look amazing!

This post titled “When Motherhood Drains Your Happiness” really spoke to my heart.

The weather this week has been amazing! It makes this cooler weather loving gal thankful.

I love the pretty handmade baby clothes by Esther Marquis. I love the pattern on this top.

Ben isn’t a fan of baseball like he is of basketball, but he does love watching the World Series. My dad is a big Giants fan, so that’s who we’re rooting for!

I was craving buffalo wings, so my parents came over and brought me Wingstop. It was my first time trying it. Totally not healthy, but it was a delicious. I think I had one too many wing though, and that oil went straight to my brain and gave me a slight headache. Oye!

One more week until Halloween and my girls are pretty excited! Do you have your costumes ready?


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