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February 11, 2016

We decided to make Ben a poster for Valentine’s Day. Our mothers loved the Mother’s Day poster we sent, so I thought one for Ben would be a nice surprise for him. We plan to either sneak in his office at work and have it up on Friday or have it covering his car windshield (with lots of balloons too!). He’s a little behind in reading my blog, so I’m pretty sure he won’t see this before then.

My sister took our pictures (as we pretended to blow kisses into the air), and I turned that into a black and white photo (and added our poem). I took it to a local copy shop to get an engineering print made. We used a paint marker and the girls excitedly drew their own hearts on the poster. If you’re still stuck on a gift for your honey, this one was quick to do, and the heart drawn hearts make it especially sweet.

I like seeing people draw hearts. There are so many different types. Brave’s tends to be rounded, and True’s are more V-shaped. Soul’s ends up with sharper edges, and Glow’s was kind of wacky (we had to help her out a little). I draw mine very similar to True’s.

I love these pictures and how loving they are with each other. Sure, they fight too, but they are definitely the best of friends. I hope it always stays that way. Soul is my little fashionista. She’s very specific about how she likes her outfit and hair. Lately, it’s been denim jacket with everything. If you’ve been following here awhile, you know she’s gone through many different phases. True and Brave try to dress similar to me, especially True. If I’m wearing something long, she’ll look for something long to wear too. We’ve been sewing them some outfits that are similar to mine, so we will share those with you soon!

on me: dress, thrifted. shoes, rachel comey. on true: maxi dress, biker boots c/o old navy. on brave: striped dress, c/o old navy. dr. martens, pom pom clip, handmade (see here). on soul: jersey dress & denim jacket, c/o old navy. leopard sneakers, gap kids. on glow: knit dress & socks, c/o old navy. superga kids, zappos.

This post is in partnership with Old Navy. Thank you for the support you give this space and the brands I partner with! 

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