at it again

May 21, 2010

Addicted. That pretty much sums my crafting of necklaces. I had to make two more, but they are both quite similar that one might just end up in the shop. Maybe. If I am not too greedy. I have really been loving all the chunky necklaces Anthropologie has of late and I think my desire for some of them gave me a crafting bug to make my own. It satiates the Anthro necklace desire for me. Um… spend $40 on a necklace or make one?!! Easy answer… make one. Much more within my budget.
beaded necklacebeaded necklacelove it
I really like this one, I wonder if it can be recreated? I guess this will be my project for next week. We shall see (and doing a wee bit of crafting)…
Happy weekend friends! I will still be taking care of my little babe…

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