For the red haired sister…

October 3, 2007

It is my red headed sister’s 19th birthday today and I was able to make her a little something…

Can’t quite see the red in her hair, but rest assured it is there…It is everywhere!!! Since she is a cosmetologist, her hair changes every week!!! Poor girl was so exhausted on her birthday, nevertheless she loved her gift and was excited to start using it…

This is for my mom who has bugging me to make her a clutch of sorts. This pattern is great from Amy Karol’s fabulous book

I am running out of vintage buttons to put on all my clutches…gotta make a run to Salt Water Designs!!! And I am working on more clippies to try to get to some stores that I never make any to put on etsy…I hear my etsy calling, but I still don’t answer. I really do need to get to it!!!

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