lovely package exchange

September 4, 2009

I finally sent out my lovely exchange package for my partner, Fallon, and it is finally in her hands. I must say that I had a lot of fun putting it together. There was a little theme, can you tell? Maybe not from all the goodies, but definitely from the packaging as I think it all came together quite nicely.

the goodies
(tea towel, Mr. PS; crocheted tea cup, chet and dot; fabric necklace, cakies; ring, wildplum jewelry)

lovely package exchange
Everything was secretly tucked in different places with clues to what may be inside…
the tea saucerthe drink and tea cuptea bagpull
care for some tea?
I hope Fallon enjoyed her tea as much as I enjoyed brewing it. Anyone care for some tea?
Exchanges and giveaways are always such a delight to be a part of and after perusing some of my good reads yesterday, I came across some fantastic giveaways you definitely want to be part of…
Miko Design is having a creative little contest. All have to do is draw a doll (clothes and all) that you would like, then if you are chosen, she will make the doll for you! How wonderful is that?!!
Whatsoever Things are Beautiful has a few things up for grabs, one of which will be this custom Cakies crown just for some little child’s dreaming endeavors. We all like to dream right?
– Can I win this please? Check it out.
So hop on over to those places and enter away… enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

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