the wiggly woodland girl

September 3, 2009

Gone are the days when she would sit still for a picture. She moves, wiggles, jumps, and spins, but I guess that is what happens you have a little gnome on your skirt. Mr. Gnome probably did some woodland magic on her and True got as rambunctious and any 3-year old could get.

her woodland outfithappy woodland girlmy little woodland girl

The skirt was made from a vintage skirt, from this cool shop, that was much too big for someone so teeny, so with a little tweak here and there, it fit her perfectly. The texture of the skirt called for something woodsy, so a little friend was added for good measure. 
she loves mr. gnome

Naturally, she needed a shirt to accompany her new skirt, so I used this vintage fabric I found from my recent romp to the thrift store and made her a dress that can be worn as a shirt under the skirt. No one would ever know that it was a dress. Then, I made a little belt to be worn with the dress/shirt to give it a little more pizzazz when worn without the woodland skirt. We argued about a red or blue belt. I liked the blue, but she liked the red.
tie a sash and it is a different look
a new dress, but also a shirtmr. gnome
I have lots more I want to make for my little ones and the little one in my belly, which is feeling extra heavy these days. I have three months left and I am eagerly anticipating the day (hopefully, in about 3 months) when those excruciating labor pains set in cause that means arrival will come shortly. I can hardly wait to meet her! 
Sewing was so nice and relaxing after the stressful Monday-Tuesday. That is definitely my idea of relaxing. I will be sure to do more relaxing today… what’s your idea of relaxing?

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