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July 17, 2008

Something to satisfy a sweet craving you may be having today…

Okay… maybe it isn’t just for you, but in preparation for a friend’s wedding.

I may not have realized what I was getting myself into when I volunteered to make 300 favors for a friends wedding. In my mind, I was imagining a truffle looking piece of chocolate all nicely boxed up in a clear plastic cube tied with a ribbon. I had seen a recipe on Bakerella and thought it would be fairly simple, so I would give it a shot. Plus, I like learning new things, so this challenge would be fun. So here is my version…

I used Bakerella’s Red Velvet Cake Balls and dipped it in milk chocolate. I think it turned out pretty good, but then again, I think anything sweet is pretty good!

Now, my Benny on the other hand looked at the ingredients and started freaking out with the amount of Trans Fat per serving, but hey… each guest will only get 1!

So now, I feel more comfortable making 300 and I may attempt to put the couple’s initial’s at the top in white chocolate or just drizzle lines of white chocolate, but we will see about that. The wedding is not for a few weeks, so I still have time to experiment and get mentally prepared for the large number. It can’t be that bad, right?!!

Also, today the bride is coming over, so it will be the real test to make sure she likes it! Cause if she doesn’t… it will be back to the drawing board!
But for now, I will conquer this task one bite at a time!

***Thank you to Bethany for the award. I feel I don’t deserve it with so many, many much more creative people out there, but thank you… thank you! Those I think who are quite deserving are the girls over at Sugar City Journal, Bethany (I think you have gotten this award more than once), Nathalie, Sam, Kathleen, my little-est seester, and to everyone else who just enjoys creating!

***Oh and much thanks to artsy Kathleen from Grosgrain because her hand was magnetized to my name and so we won the dress… you know, the one I wanted so so bad!!! Much thanks to everyone who put in a entry on my behalf. It worked!

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