a little rockstar

July 15, 2008

So something did come forth from yesterday’s mess and after my horrible, ginormous headache that made me heave and ho all afternoon long…

Well, so lately, True has ditched her High School Musical music for some Dave Matthews and she has begun to play air guitar quite heavily these days.

I saw this on etsy and I saw this too (but this was a ukulele and had only 4 strings), plus with my wide array of fabric (that shouldn’t go to waste), I probably could just make it.

So off I was to make some sort of 6 string guitar…

One of her non-traditional guitar playing positions…
Now, she loves it and I think she is quite the rockstar… so watch out Dave! It may become the True Bratcher Band!!!

22 comments on “a little rockstar”

  • We will be her groupies here!!! My kids LOVE your guitar and Little Miss True is the cutest little girl I have ever seen… she’ll knock em’ dead with those eyes! What a great idea with the soft guitar! That would be a fantastic gift for little people too!

  • She loves Dave Matthews? ha ha that’s so cute! 🙂

    Lovely guitar, by the way. Just lovely!

  • Erika says:

    What a “cool” mommy you are to make your girls their toys!

  • Susan says:

    awesome :O)
    are you taking special orders?
    just kidding (sort of)
    hugs, susan

  • Lucys Place says:

    They will NEVER trade you in for a better mom. You couldn’t get any better!

  • Renae says:

    O.K. that is so darling! My kids are always making guitars out of cereal boxes. This might be a better option and then they can use it as a pillow too.

  • You have been nominated for an award! (see my blog) 🙂

  • Gen says:

    that’s a cool toy…true can play the guitar and sabrina can accompany her in her piano!!! well i didn’t make it but fisher-price did! =)

  • Emily says:

    That is the cutest thing ever! I’d say she’s better than Dave since she can play and suck her thumb at the same time.

  • sammi says:

    Aidan is currently picking out the fabrics for his guitar….it was a must have once he saw it, although it’s not going to look nearly as good!

  • lynne says:

    she is SO cute! and such an awesome eukalalie maker, you are!!

  • Elena says:

    your lovely girl is so cute…
    I can see she loves the guitar you made!so much fun!

  • cute! Cute!! CUte!!! CUTe!!!! CUTE!!!!! what a totolly fun idea.

  • livi says:

    soo…sooo fantastic!!!!i love this guitar and your small and cute rock-star….wauuuu!!!!! love livi

  • jOi-C says:

    very cute! ethan saw that on etsy a few weeks back (yeah he likes etsy and wants his own shop to sell stuff). for weeks now he’s been designing a guitar for enzo , he wants me to make an electric one like ‘jonas brothers’ since that who enzo is obsessed with. ethan just keeps changing his mind about which type of guitar!

    hopefully one day soon i’ll get around to ethan’s design and make one for enzo haha now if i can just find extra hours in the day!

  • nathalie says:

    yeah….you rock true! now make one for kennedy and they can be in a banc called true kennedy. true music for your ears! lol! sooo soo cute! and yeah ditch high school musical. kennedy does not know what that is yet. thank goodness! but my time is comin’. hugs to ya!

  • Rubyellen says:

    nathalie- True Kennedy! That totally rocks!!! maybe we will have a special one for kennedy coming your way! every member of the band needs one!

    This guitar is the best… i would have loved to buy the one from france, but it is only 4 strings and a ukulele, so i had to make a guitar.

    sam- i can’t wait to see yours!!!

  • Andrea says:

    Oh I think my little girl needs one of your guitars…sell them please!!!

  • justjessie says:

    This is my first time here 🙂
    I LOVE this guitar idea. I made one for my boys from leftover moving boxes, but I like your idea MUCH better. I may be copying in the near future.

  • iRiS says:

    OMGosh WOW that is soooo cute!
    what a brillant idea!
    and the fabric you used is really fresh and funky!
    well done!
    and congrats on your win in the grosgrain giveaways!

  • Katie says:

    I love the photo of your little one sucking her thumb, it reminds me of my little girl. A guitar toy for each of my kids is deffinately on the must make list for Christmas! YOU rock!

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