pom pom straw hat

March 9, 2017

Pom Pom Straw Hat

Straw hat
Plastic needle

1. Make 5 pom poms (or however many you desire). I show you how to make pom poms here.

2. Sew each pom pom onto the hat and knot to secure.

Now, go out and have some fun in the sun. Or in our case, grab the nearest palm tree and pretend you’re in the sun.

It’s really warming up over here and we have plans to get out and enjoy the sunshine this weekend, even if it’s in our own backyard. True is especially excited she will get to wear her pom pom hat out. There will be no need for sweaters, and all the sleeveless tops and dresses will be put to good use. Also, our feet will be getting plenty of sunshine since it’s sandal season too. I’m so excited to have the glorious California sun back because the cold was making me really lazy and wanting to stay in bed all day. I don’t know how the rest of you do it with those negative temperatures in the winter, I would never get anything done. Hope it’s warming up in your neck of the woods as well!

on true: stripe knit tank dress and crisscross leather sandals, c/o lands’ end. hat, thrifted.




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