April 23, 2016

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

If you wanna hear me chat about hypnobirthing and motherhood, you can listen to my podcast with Kayla Geddes over at Pregnancy Perfect here.

After a rough start back into homeschooling after spring break, we had smoother sailing this week. The end of the year is in our sights and we will keep trekking along until June 7 comes.

Soul seems to be finally getting this reading thing. It’s pretty terrific to see these words slowly come alive to her.

Spicy ramen with tofu? Yes, please.

I’d happily put spicy cauliflower burgers in my stomach too.

Oh my world … this colorful weaving is amazing.

Turns out what I thought were my allergies acting up was that I was actually sick. Ben made an appointment for me to see the doctor, and apparently I am sick. My response … #aintnobodygottimeforthat.

Thinking about this rug for a space in our home.

How awesome are these retro travel Star Wars posters?! The girls would love to have these up in their room.

Happy weekending friends!

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