July 8, 2017

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Ben and I are so thankful for this sweet time with the two little ones. It definitely changes the dynamic when the big two aren’t here. Ttwo kids is so much easier than 4, but we miss the big two, and can’t wait to see them at the end of next week. Five weeks flew by!

Thankful for the ways Soul and Glow mature and grow when the big girls aren’t here. They really step it up in the responsibility department.

I love the home of the creator of Paloma Wool.

If you’ve noticed I’ve been extra MIA around here it’s because my computer broke and was at the apple doctor for a week. It’s nice to have it back and I hope the issue is solved. My desktop is going on 7 years now, so in apple terms it is almost considered “vintage.” lol

WOVENFOLK has been loaded up with some pretty woven hats!

I trimmed my hair! I took off about 5 inches and feels so nice to have all the dried crispy ends gone. If you’re looking for a hair lady, I think @sarahdizon should be your gal. Check out her @hairbysarahdizon. All her pictures make me want to color my hair again.

Praise God the Lord for 12 years of marital bliss and trials with Ben! It’s our anniversary tomorrow and we are doing a staycation. We kicked off our kidless weekend with a fight last night.

Love this art deco ring from Jean Jean Vintage.

I’ve heard good things about this book by Ben Sasse.

I love that the Nike Cortez shoes are back. I was looking for them a few years ago for Brave, but they weren’t being sold. I’m hoping that since they’re out for adults, they’ll come back for kids too. For me, I’ve been thinking about these Pumas. Pumas were my jam in high school.

We are going through a heatwave over here and temps are expected to be up to 108 this weekend. Eek! Happy weekending!

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