wildflower bouquets

September 6, 2016

We went on our first camping adventure this weekend, and while on our hikes, the girls loved collecting wildflowers. They picked and picked until they had a perfectly full bundle. We put them in paper cups and water to keep them alive, and when we got home, I put them in little vases just the way they had them arranged. Soul was the only one who didn’t make a bouquet because she was busy collecting rocks and acorns.

The simplest arrangement was the one I made (grey vase with blue design). Glow’s collection is in the tiny blue vase, True’s is in the ombre-ish blue vase, and Brave’s is in the white one. They are displayed all over the house now, and I smile each time I pass one. It reminds me of our fun weekend, my girls’ love for collecting things, and the glory of God displayed in these sweet wildflowers.

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