vintage here, vintage there: easter dress

April 29, 2011

vintage here, vintage there
Easter was quite a busy day for us! There really wasn’t very much time for picture taking. We got to church a bit after 9am, left church at 2pm, then went to Ben’s cousin’s house for a late lunch (we ate so much there), then went to my mom’s house for dinner (and I ate so much there too).
At my last check up, I had only gained 3 pounds for this pregnancy (though I feel much bigger) and I am sure that this next check up I will weigh 10 more and it will all be because of Easter and the dessert and candy eating that has ensued after. Coupled with True’s birthday where there has been cupcake making and I may or may not at this exact moment have another cake baking downstairs. *wink* Somebody please stop me and get this junk out of my house! I really have no control when it comes to sweets, so that is why it doesn’t really come in this house often. If it ain’t here, I won’t eat it!
easter dress
It was an unexpectedly cold day, so we all donned jackets and sweaters. I didn’t even know what I was going to wear until good Friday when my BFF came to hang out and gave me my late Christmas present (that’s how often we see each other), which was a vintage dress that was on my wish list. Mind you, this was my wish list pre-baby baking, so I had to do some tweaking to make it fit. Good thing I wore a jacket over!
easter dress
The girls were so cute in their little outfits and Brave is really a cutesy little Madeline! True said she was Madeline too because she was wearing a tie.
easter dresseaster dresseaster dress
on Ben: shirt, vintage. vest, vintage. jeans, diesel. shoes, nike (YAY! he got new shoes after like 4 years of the same pair!!!).
on me: dress, vintage (thanks lin!). shoes, seychelles. jacket, anthropologie.
on true: dress, vintage. cardigan, vintage. tights, target. shoes, vintage (gifted from Karen).
on brave: dress, vintage. jacket, old navy. tights, baby gap (gift from jane). hat, vintage. shoes, siaomimi via gilt.
on soul: dress, vintage. cardigan, vintage.
easter dress
Right after these pictures were taken we had our annual Navales family Easter egg hunt and this one is especially fun cause money is involved! There is a section for the little kids and a section for the big kids, which include me and Ben. And boy did we make it out like bandits?!! Well, compared to my siblings (guys, we love you!!!). I think you just get better at finding things with age. Will have another post that shares more of our Easter celebrating soon!
dresses I am currently coveting on etsy: cotton day dress, one shoulder, gingham, and blushing heather.
Head “over there” cause the Denbows are one good looking family! They are dressed up in their Easter best and good thing I am not Rachel’s neighbor, otherwise she would have found that dress suddenly missing. I wonder who it could be?!! Hmm…
What did you all wear for Easter? Please share the links to see them here!

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