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April 29, 2011

True’s favorite pose is her holding up a heart. It is really funny! I don’t even know where she got that pose from.
her favorite pose
She’s five and lovin’ it. All of a sudden, cause she is five you know, she is now able to squeeze some ketchup out for herself and she also tells me she now knows how to read. All this cause she is five. Wow! If this happens at five, I can’t wait to see what happens at six!
The weekend is almost upon us and birthday wish making will continue. Horseys and ponies, here we come!
Things I learned this week…
Rylee, a blog reader, emailed me telling me of the devastation in her city Tuscaloosa, AL and about the deadly tornado that hit (read about it here). I didn’t even know until I got her email as I don’t watch television. I get my news from all of you! Anyhow, there is a lot of help needed there and if you want to help there are many avenues. You can help through world vision here, or can send gift cards to her church here and it will go to all those in need in Tuscaloosa. Lots of people just need basic supplies. The great thing about this blogging community is when somebody needs help, we all give it!
This lovely gal is also selling some pretty rad bracelets here (or here) that will go and help all those affected in Japan. The devastation there is also great and help is still desperately needed, so get a bracelet and it will go to a worthy cause! It is such a small world that I just found out this blog reader is good friends in real life with some of my real life friends! The world is smaller than we think.
Hijkids, a lovely online kids boutique, is closing it’s doors. Everything is 50% off which is only good until the end of this month, so hurry up!
– No matter how wrapped up your heart is in a sport team’s win or loss, ultimately it is God who has control of the ball. God has the final say on who wins and loses. That makes me rest a little easier when I am watching a game and if our team doesn’t make it to the next round (Go Spurs!), somehow (though we don’t see it) that glorifies God the most.
That’s all. Have a happy weekend everyone! Be back Sunday hopefully with some stories of a certain birthday girl’s adventures!

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