backyard orchard culture: 2

March 14, 2013

backyard orchard culture: part 2backyard orchard culture: part 2backyard orchard culture: part 2backyard orchard culture: part 2backyard orchard culture: part 2backyard orchard culture: part 2backyard orchard culture: part 2backyard orchard culture: part 2backyard orchard culture: part 2We, more like Ben, mostly planted bare root trees for our backyard orchard. Not only that, he chose mini or dwarf sized, so that we would be able to plant multiple trees in one hole following the Dave Wilson style of backyard orchard cultures. The ones pictured here aren’t even all the trees Ben has planted. This was done back in January (I’m slow in blogging this), some of them even have leaves growing now and are starting to look like more than just sticks in the ground.

Since we didn’t plant the trees in the ground right away, Ben decided to heel-in the trees. This is done to help the trees maintain dormancy for a longer period of time and to protect it from ground frost. We left it like this for several days until he had more time to actually dig the holes for the trees.

It’s pretty crazy how much goes into planning this out. Ben has spent countless hours reading and researching about the best way to do this. We laugh about this, but most things he reads recommend starting small. I don’t think Ben really heeded that advice and it seems his motto is “Go big or go home.” I definitely think having about 30 trees is go big. We’re totally learning every season about how to do something better and what we did wrong. Even with all the research he’s done, there’s always a way to improve. Next post, I will list out everything we’re planting, but since Ben’s the one in the know of all of that, he’ll probably have to write the next post. I’d bug him about it now, but he’s downstairs working on a surprise. I like surprises, so I don’t want to disturb him.

Have any of you heeled-in bare root trees before? This is totally something new to me, so I was totally intrigued when Ben was doing it. Read part 1 of how our backyard orchard culture started.

6 comments on “backyard orchard culture: 2”

  • Tabitha says:

    You made me smile with your remark about surprises! I wouldn’t disturbe my boyfriend either when he is busy with a surprise for me!;) Your orchard sounds impressive! I like following your story about the back yard! Love!

  • this is so very exciting! can’t wait to find out what you’ve planted.

  • Bethany says:

    I think you’re the first person I’ve known to start an orchard from scratch! I’ll be really interested to see how this all works. You have the perfect climate for growing out there! Good luck! You’ll love having fruit from your own yard!

  • Lauren says:

    This is going to be OH SO BEAUTIFUL when its finished. I can’t wait to see it!

  • k a t y says:

    Haha! You guys rock. I love that he decided to “Go Big” because I’d be sad if you went home 😉 Can’t wait to see them thrive, as they surely will.

  • Twinzees says:

    This is so amazing to me. In the city none the less. We are redoing our yard and if only we had half the motivation. I am going to share each one of these posts with my husband to plant the seed of inspiration (excuse the pun). I adore your blog 🙂

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