family meal: week 33

March 15, 2013

family mealsChicken Piccata. We had all the ingredients, so this was an easy thing to whip up. I didn’t use as much butter as the recipe called for and I would quadruple the recipe for the sauce and I just used the .

family meals Broccoli Chickpea Puree and Parsley Hummus with pita bread. This was our quickie dinner after swim class. I didn’t have tahini, so I worked with sesame oil. I definitely need tahini next time. The girls ate it all up, but I wasn’t wild about it. Maybe it would have tasted better with tahini. We’ll see. I’ll get some and try making it again.

This was the last time I meal planned. For awhile in December, Ben was home and just doing it and then my MIL came into town and was cooking up wonderful things for us (migas and fries… oh my!) and we’ve had a lot of quickie Trader Joe stuff in between and I’ll do a meal here, a meal there, but no real meal planning. I’ve totally missed it. If we don’t meal plan, our lunches are kinda eh because we don’t have any good leftovers to eat. So here we are again, well into the new year and picking it back up.

Our meal plans will change slightly because the girls have swim classes twice a week now in the evenings, so we’re thinking quick meals that we can take to the park and have a picnic after swimming. I experimented with hummus for one of the swim nights and I might want to try hummus wraps too. I need ideas for meals that are healthy, quick, and easy to grab and go. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them! Or maybe I need to try crock potting.

Week 3/18 – 3/22
Monday: Spring rolls (need to find a recipe)
Tuesday: Crunchy Pork Kimchi Burgers (will probably use ground turkey)
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Cold Soba Salad with Shiitake Dressing
Friday: Tuna Poke (reader’s recipe from Jozen, so will feature that the week after)

It feels good to get this list down. It gets me mentally prepared for the coming week and I love knowing what to cook instead of trying to figure it out right before a meal. It’s probably not a good idea to plan this out while I’m hungry (because I really am right now), but I’m already excited for next week’s dinners.

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