March 16, 2013

swimmingThis week’s newest thing has been swimming. We’re enjoying really warm days here and a little bit lighter of a load. I’ve been working on cleaning out a room, but it seems while I do that, I let the rest of the house go and so the scale remains imbalance. Will I ever have a completely clean house? I’m kinda feeling that probably won’t happen. Oh well. The mess stress will always be there in some way so maybe I just need to get out of the house more to forget about it! HA! Out of sight, out of mind, right?!

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Google reader is shutting down. If you still wanna follow along, join up here!

One night, True, Brave, and Soul were up late just chatting away in their room. It was dark and all we could hear was little voices and giggles. It’s adorable! They will make many memories together in that little room.

Thankful for our babysitter who comes to help out when I need her (thanks Steph!)! I get so much done when she’s here.

Thankful the girls warmed up to swimming on their second lesson. Whew!

Pray for my sister, she injured her back in a major way and when you’re a dancer, that’s no bueno.

Hello Camp Comfort is always a fave.

Beth’s growing her business and Salvage Life is moving. I can’t wait to see how her business will grow!

I love this vintage jewelry shop on etsy. I’m not in particular need of anything, but it’s just fun to see all the beautiful pieces that stream in. All of them are really gorgeous one of a kind pieces!

Thankful for a very creative husband. He’s been giving me surprises lately and I love them all. Apparently, I get more later today.

We’re planning a trip to Napa in a couple months. I’m so excited!

Enjoy your weekend friends! I have a couple parties to go to, but apparently Ben and the girls have more surprises when I get home tonight. Yippee!!!


3 comments on “huzzah!”

  • Jade says:

    That’s terrible about your sister’s back! I hope she’s back feeling 100% soon.

    Have a great weekend!

  • rachel says:

    so sorry to hear about your sister. i’ll make sure to put in a word with the big man upstairs.
    also, thanks for the camp comfort tip/link. i totally love it and i’m excited to snoop around her pintrest during my next nursing session!

  • Bon Bon says:

    I am so in the tornado went through our house-club! It stays clean for an hour:-) xoxo

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