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February 11, 2013

outsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideThese girls love being outside playing in the dirt. They have spent a lot of time outside these past few days (when it’s not raining), just running around and building a forest. Ben’s been working on his mini orchard (another post to come soon) and so they take the branches he prunes off and they stick them in the ground to make their own forest. They make “chocolate milk” with mud and water and pick lots of flowers, which they proceed to “plant” them back in the ground. They chatter up a storm with Ben while he works, and even with it being so cold (and them having a little cold), they would rather be outside than inside. I’m so glad they love being outdoors. I don’t think we get out nearly as much as we should, so I’m thankful to have a backyard so they can run around and make lots of good, fun earth messes in.

Oh and besides tucking her dresses in her pants, Soul also loves to wear Glow’s clothes. That girl is an absolute riot!

Happy Monday friends. Ben goes back to work today and we will be missing him. I love having him home all day, everyday, but we’re very thankful he has a job, so as much as I complain about him leaving us each morning, I’m grateful.

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  • playing outside in black soil is so pleasantly! and i see images looming up; self-built tents and picnics in the orchard 🙂

  • alison says:

    When I was little, my friends and I used to do the mud+water chocolate milk thing all the time (except I live in WI, so for us it was snow, instead)! I thought it was some weird thing only we did, but it looks like kid minds everywhere think alike!

  • melissa says:

    So much fun. I don’t think enough kids get out and play the way we did when we were kids. My kiddos would probably stay outside all night if I let them. I love it!! They can’t wait for summer evenings.

  • tesia t says:

    Ahh!! Your gardening posts, makes me want to get my hands dirty and bring some green into my life! It’s a green insiration for me! More garden updates/posts please!!

    Hope to see you soon! I was so sad i couldn’t make it to Danni’s party!!


  • soul is so cute!! i so love her personality 🙂

  • olive says:

    the beauty of getting in touch with nature,
    will nourish their hearts like no other.
    it reminds us of God’s beautiful creation,
    and carries wonderful memories
    into their lives for a long time to come.

  • Halima says:

    It’s such a blessing for children to be able to play outdoors like that. Playing in grass and mud is so healthy 😀 I have the sweetest memories of that from my childhood, and am so thankful i have been able to give that back to my own children. We made mud choco milk… but also “nettle soup” with rain water and weeds. I must say I envy your orchard- in a positive way!

  • ira lee says:

    oh my goodness- soul’s little belly hanging out!!! ahhhhh!! the cutest thing! and i love that the girls clothes are mismatched, dirty, and their hair is wild!!! they just look so perfect !!! they are just the prettiest kids, really!!! and i look at that black dirt and i SWEAR i can smell the earthy goodness! lol love that smell, and to get my hands in the dirt and make something grow!

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