May 5, 2012

it's real!
Holla! That’s just what I feel like saying every time I see the wood floors in my house. It’s almost completely installed in the entire downstairs, upstairs will have to wait for another year, but we still have a long way to go until we are done. By the way, when it comes to house stuff like this, we aren’t DIYers, so we are working with some people to get the job done. After this weekend, next up will be the sanding, staining, and sealing of the floors. We’re gonna be brave and go with what we love and are doing white stained wood. I am pee in my pants excited, not to be confused with pee in my pants nervous, but maybe I am feeling some of that too. Eeks!
This week’s learned and links…
It was Ben’s first week back at work and it was a tough one with him not being home. 
Glow is starting to sit up now. She falls down real fast though.
We got some organic pest control to get rid of ants. Be gone ants, we don’t like you.
Once my house is back to normal making these peach cobbler muffins
Loving this necklace from Homako. She might be my favorite jewelry designer yet! 
Obsessed with hanging chairs and hammocks, see my houzz ideabook for proof. After the wood is done, one of those will be going up inside the house.

Giveaway winners announced here, here, and here. Follow on twitter, to see if you won! 

Got this black bathing suit from modcloth, but thinking about exchanging it for this. Ben says he likes black better though.
I love hearing Ben speaking spanish (he’s not fluent, just conversational). Makes me think of when he read a Pablo Neruda poem to me and whoa baby… hot, hot! Baby #5 here we come! Kidding. Well, only about that baby 5 part. 
House stuff pervades our weekend over here. What do you have going on where you’re at?! HOLLA!

19 comments on “HUZZAH!”

  • M says:

    this is my dream swimsuit, how did you know? 😉

    seriously, floors look goood!

  • welliewalks says:

    So jealous of your floors! Not cool, I know, but I really would like white floors. 🙂 Could you share the organic ant stuff? We just went looking for some this morning! Thanks!

    • Rubyellen says:

      i am not sure what it was called. i think it starts with a t… ben found an organic pest control company and they came out and did the job. and i must say… it worked right away! i haven't seen any ants in my home since saturday! it's amazing!!!!!

  • Ana says:

    I love the second bathing suit, too! You would look amazing in that! Your house is so pretty!

  • I bought the Cherry pie swimsuit and it is the best swimsuit I ever purchased.

  • jorjiapeach says:

    the floors look beautiful!

  • I have that swimsuit in black & the red polka dot– love love love it. but be warned if you order cherry… I wear a completely different size in the red polka dot than in the black. the fabric is a little different, maybe that's why. I've also read some conflicting reviews on the colorfastness (through sun/clorine) of the colored suits, so I stick with the black for more “every day” & wear the red one when I know I won't be in a pool or laying out for a long time.

  • Candy Folks says:

    I didn´t know that you speaks spanish, in that case, saludos desde España!! Me encanta tu blog.

    • Rubyellen says:

      i don't. ben does! when around his mexican side of the family, i can pick up what the conversation is about, but barely. but i understand your comment! thank you!!! hugs!!!

  • The Locklins says:

    The floors are gonna be beautiful! I'm excited for you. House projects are so fun. And Homako is SO whimsical and beautiful. I love her too. And I met her at an art fair once in OC. She is so nice!

  • Leire says:

    Ruby…I know this is so totally out of this post…and even…indiscrete..but I hope it's not felt that way.

    I think you choose really nice names for your kids and I think it's thoughtful of you to give them middlenames they can change to in case they are no longer in love with the so meaningful first names given (we all go through puberty…so who knows??)

    But, does True have a middle name at all?

    • Rubyellen says:

      Glad you asked! Their names are no doubt different and we don't expect everyone to like them. They have important meaning and we hope they appreciate them as they get older. You are right though, teenage years are brutal and heck, I didn't like my name Ruby (Rubyellen) either. Even my name Ruby got butchered and made fun of when I was little! Their middle names meaning correspond with their first names too, but they are more “normal” and if they ever want to use them, it would be their choice. We know everyone isn't a fan of our name choices, but if we lived as people pleasers then we'd drive ourselves crazy right?!

      Yes, her name is True Bella.

  • Leire says:

    I love their names…I love the energy put in choosing them, being 'brave' enought to make them real to your kids just shows how far Ben and yourself can go ta make meaningful things for your kids true.

    I love how their first and middlenames match together.

    And I hope they don't ever change them 🙂 but you are raising them to be themselves…and they may need to break slightly from parents to grow independent, hehe

    I am a fan 🙂 not brave enough to do it with my kids though…(if I have some in the nearby future :)) but I still hope to infuse so much grace, happiness and spirituality in them.

    Congratulations on the good (splendid!) choices you made 🙂

  • Leire says:

    By the way…cherry pie says 'mamma' to me…black says 'hot'…:)

  • Hottness just landed here after a short business trip. So glad he's back.
    I had to stop by when I saw your floors. We re-did ours starting in 2o1o and finished them up last year. Started in the basement, and then phase 2 was the main floor and bedrooms. SOOOOO worth it. And we appreciated it more done in phases…more affordable and made it so entirely something to look forward to. I kiss them every day pretty much. We got rid of all carpet in the stairways too and seriously, those stairs look HOTT. I want to have stairway photo shoots just of stairs. The risers are white and the stepping surface is oak-ish. Okay. Too many sentences. But I am excited for yr floors!
    mrs boo rad

    • Rubyellen says:

      i want those stairs exactly! and yes, we are doing it in phases. gotta save for the next part! i am hoping next year we can do upstairs. stairs is last on my list. left on our to-do list this year is paint our kitchen cabinets white (end of the month hopefully) and then get gutters put in around our house. why does everything cost so much money?!!

  • crafterhours says:

    I thought of you while I was working on this.

    Ants are no fun. In the house. Outside, maybe, if they're not the evil biting kind.

    Your white floors however…. FUN. Love the idea, can't wait to see.


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