May 7, 2012

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Dose of reality. Yes, you may have seen our previous kid room tours (here, here,Β and here), but this is more of reality. The not styled, very much played in, kid decorated room of True and Brave. I told them to clean it up and this was the result. Looks a lot different from when I clean up, but hey, I guess it was clean. Sort of.
If you read blogs and get frustrated about your own state of messiness, thinking that you can never get things as neat as the homes you see online. I am here to tell you, that at least for me, my home is never as clean as my home tours that circulate. I try to keep it as tidy as I can, but life happens everyday.Β 
I speak for myself, but I think as a blogger, you can get easily caught up in how you want your life portrayed online. Or as a blog reader, which I am also, you get caught up in the wanting that and wanting this and thinking those things will make you happy. I love reading blogs and I think there is a wealth of inspiration and learning that comes from some of them, but make sure to keep your heart in check. Always be content (and thankful) with what you already have and be honest. I read something from Proverbs this morning that stood out to me, “A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot.”Β Oh man. I don’t want my bones to rot.
Happy Monday! Be wise and discerning in your blog reading today.

p.s. don’t you love how brave laid out her clothes on her bed? hilarious!

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