stocking stuffers

December 16, 2016

Some ideas for stocking stuffers based on what we’ve given the girls in the past (and some things they are requesting for this year).

1) Hello Shiso Clips. These are always loved in our house.
2) Start Creative Doodle Books. We’ve given them these in the past and they loved drawing in them.
3) Tin Top. Such a classic toy we’ve given to them in the past and we still have it.
4) Hello Kitty Glasses. These are fun play glasses and they each asked for a pair.
5) Turkish Delights. All of them asked for some in their stocking this year.
6) Instax Film. The oldest three each have their own cameras and are requesting more film
7) Toothbrush. It’s always a practical gift, and we love putting practical things in their stockings too.

I like to make stockings a mix of fun little gifts along with practical things. My request from Ben is more lip vaseline and my favorite cookies. What do you fill your stockings with?

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