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March 13, 2013

young loveyoung loveSo I was cleaning this (crazy) room today and was coming across all sorts of memories. There were notes from when we were dating, cards from when we just got married, and letters and handmade things from when we just had two little babies (True and Brave), and there were lots of and lots of old pictures. These two particular snapshots feel like ages ago.

The above photo is from when we barely started dating. It was June and we had only been “officially” dating for a month when he took me home to spend time with his family in San Antonio. I was barely 20 and he was was 27, there were so many butterflies and a lot of flirting. Lots. It was on that trip to visit his family that I knew I loved him. Just watching him interact with his parents and his sister made me fall for this guy even more. I remember one night when he tucked me in bed before he went to his own room, I told him, “I’m enamored with you.” He tells me later that when he got to his room, he looked that word up in the dictionary, and then couldn’t sleep. I was seriously enamored. Still am.

The next picture was a year later when he went on a weekend trip to Palm Springs with my family. I don’t remember much from the trip except that when we out during the day, he’d stay in the hotel to study. He was in grad school the whole time we were dating, so our 3 years of dating (and first year of marriage) involved a lot of study dates.

We definitely have the look of young love in those pictures. Now, it’s about 10 years later and I’m hoping we still have the look of love, but it’s obviously a bit more mature and with 4 kids thrown in the mix, we probably look more like crazy love. Yup. Crazy love is probably more like it. Anyways, I loved how my cleaning took me down a trip through memory lane. I always love remembering the beginning stories of Ben and me.

If you ever heard me tell it in person, you’d think I was crazy for how head over heels I was from the moment I met him. I know we started writing our “little love story” a few years ago and never finished. We should really get on that for recording memory’s sake, but when we keep adding to our brood, it gets harder to keep up with certain things. If you want to read what we have up so far, you can check this post out (and there are links to other parts on the bottom). Maybe we can eventually get back to finishing that someday.

Since we’re on the topic of love, a reader, Eunie, emailed me sharing her story and it was so sweet. I watched the video of her engagement and got all teary. Ben had a really good and surprising proposal, so I love when a guy dips into his creativity to bust out something wonderful for the woman he loves. Eunie and her fiance, Eddie, are entered in a contest to win a couture wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen tuxedos, shoes, as well as a professional videographer! We all know that weddings can be pretty costly these days and these two seem so sweet that I wanted to share it with all of you. Seriously, watching the proposal video will make you smile and if you feel so inclined, I’m sure they would appreciate your votes over here! You can also check out their engagement sweet and simple engagement photos here (and her booties are fabulous!). I’ve always been thankful for when you all have cast your vote in for me for some sort of contest and I would love it if we could help out this sweet couple. Check out their story and cast your votes here! They’re in 4th place, but let’s get them to the top (it ends on friday)! Thanks friends!

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  • Lisa D. says:

    so sweet <3

  • melody says:

    awwwww, omg i love these! you and ben look so young and in love! 🙂 you two still totally do look crazy in love now, but there’s something really innocent and sweet about these pictures too

  • I love learning about couples and how they meet and when they marry and how they get through things. That is cute that he had to look up enamored. Aw. You two are adorable and It is wonderful that God has taken you as a couple to where you are now today! It is strange now to see pictures of you where your girls are NOT there too!! hehe.
    I understand about writing out a love story. I wrote a book for five years about my relationship with my husband and finished it last summer and have been in the process of getting it published (which might take another 2 years for all I know) but I have stuff about Love and God and the Bible throughout the whole thing. I’ve been taking small bits and pieces from the book and putting it in blog entries on my blog lately because so many people I know ask me questions about “how did you. . .” since I am a youth leader and am meeting a lot of young adults who want to marry or are just marrying, so for them I’ve been putting it out to help too. It is so much fun to have so many people I know tell me how they’ve been reading it and most are unbelievers who are learning about God, so it is really encouraging to them. I hope your own love story is the same way to many people!!!! Keep it up!! You two look so young and wonderful just as you still look vibrant and wonderful now!! I love seeing videos of engagements!! SO cool!

  • Bethany says:

    Your story is better than any “Bachelor” episode!!! I love hearing about it– I’m a true sucker for love stories! Especially ones like yours and Ben’s. The good news is that those feelings can be there at 20 years too!! We are experiencing that right now… when you find the right guy, he can still give you butterflies so many years later! 😉 (He happens to be making me coffee right now!)

  • Jade Rogers says:

    Your love for him is very apparent! You two are wonderful, and I think we can all see, he is enamored with you too. 🙂

  • Deirdre says:

    You two are just adorable – it’s no wonder you have a beautiful family…and that room, you must have been feeling super motivated to tackle it- way to go 🙂

  • Anastasia says:

    Awe, haha, this is so sweet. It is great to have those photos and memories to pul out and savor some times. I’m 23 and it baffles my mind when I think that I have bin with my hubby for seven years now! Still crazy in love! It is such a rarely these days, unfortunately, so I thank God every day for what we share!

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