our camellia hunt

March 11, 2013

flower shoppingflower shoppingflower shoppingflower shoppingflower shoppingflower shoppingflower shoppingflower shoppingflower shoppingflower shoppingflower shoppingflower shoppingflower shoppingflower shoppingSunday afternoon we went hunting for Camellias. I had horrendous allergies attacking me, but still we forged on and went to a nursery. When there’s a will, there’s a way. I went out to look for some on Saturday, but didn’t find what I was looking for and we hit the jackpot on Sunday and ended up buying not only 1, but 2 large Camellias. There were so large (15 gallon containers) in fact, that we had to literally stuff them in our car. I think the gentleman who stuffed them in thought we were crazy and scurried from our car as quick as possible because he didn’t want to be responsible if any mishap should happen to our car or our plants.

We had a blanket that draped between Glow and the plants that prevented her from pulling and chomping on the plants, and thankfully, she fell asleep on the car ride home. The plants were probably mostly up in Soul’s grill, and as we were driving she said, in her cute little Soulie voice, “Mommy, Papi, I can’t see Glowy!” Ben and I just started laughing because besides not being able to see Glow, the plants were literally pretty much covering her from seeing anything. I think this moment will be one of those that the girls will make fun of us for one day. We have a Toyota Highlander, so while it fits our family of 6, it is a tight squeeze, and then we made it even tighter with our large plants!

And don’t you just love how True, Brave, and Soul dress themselves?! Now, I personally wouldn’t have worn leopard pants with that dress, but when Soul put them on, I wasn’t going to contest it. I’m learning everyday, albeit a little slowly, to just go with the flow and relax. And yes, that’s Brave rockin’ that 80’s ponytail. Don’t really know where she learned that from, but that’s her new thing. Speaking of new thing, Lisa Leonard sent me this pretty necklace. I’m so jazzed that she now offers beautiful gold and brass jewelry along with her pretty silver pieces.

It was such a gorgeous day to be out looking for flowers and then spend the rest of the day gardening, even if my allergies were raging. I’ve been reading up on plant care for my Camellias (we use this book as a guide), but if any of you have any experience with those gorgeous flowers, please do share! I want to make sure these thrive so they can be enjoyed for many years to come.

on me: top, thrifted. trousers, vintage from viral threads. necklace, c/o lisa leonard. shoes, anthropologie. on all the girls: mostly misha lulu mixed in with vintage, with little bit of american apparel and soulie’s moccs c/o freshlypicked.

16 comments on “our camellia hunt”

  • Jen Tsang says:

    these pictures are SO sweet. also loving your shoes! are they jeffrey campbell?

  • I love how you let your kids dress themselves most days without correcting their decided fashion sense. As adorable as it is to see kids in mini-grown up versions of perfectly put together outfits, there is something charming about kids dressed wacky and mismatched. It reminds me of my own childhood. I often say that kids nowadays will miss out on the ‘poorly dressed’ stage of life and won’t have those ‘what on earth was I wearing’ pictures. I love it.

  • leah says:

    i love your outfit! you and your girls are all so stylish and cute! i cannot wait until my little one starts picking out her own clothes – i think it makes for some unexpected and cute ensembles, and lets them be creative with everyday tasks, such as getting dressed. so much fun.

  • rachel says:

    Those girls have great style and you are teaching them to be fearless. It’s great and so much fun.

  • Milynn says:

    These sisters are so adorable! Beautiful girls!

  • Danni says:

    Brave looks soooo beautiful in all these pics! I mean, all your girls are gorgeous of course. 🙂 🙂 I miss them and you! Let’s get together soon! I have gifts for everyone, haha. <3

  • jenny says:

    camellias are so lovely! my first home was built in 1925 and had belonged to the same couple up until I bought it. the husband had planted a camellia every year on their anniversary; red ones, white ones, pink…. some were taller than the garage, others a little smaller and shyer, in the shadier spots of the yard. I always think of camellias with such a fondness since then. there were nearly 60! good luck with your blooms. 🙂

  • Whitney J. says:

    I love that Glow is carrying around that pink wallet. So cute!

    As always, loved this post. Your photographs are beautiful and your adventures look so fun!

  • Truly gorgeous photo’s and I just love the one with your daughter crammed in the car with those gorgeous trees.

  • Nikki says:

    I love the way your girls dress themselves. So cute! Also love that you let them rock their own style.

  • jozen says:

    omg, when did the girls become BIG girls?! everyone looks so grown up, especially True and Brave.

  • Andria says:

    These pictures are so happy and sunny. I love the pic of you and your girls, and Glow “flying” through the nursery! You must be a real trooper ’cause you look pretty great even with raging allergies.

    It was fun to see the old pics of you and your husband, too. I have been following this blog for so many years now, I can’t even believe it! It’s one of my regular joys. I love your photos, the fashion and homeschooling ideas, and how real you are whether things are easy or not-so-easy (thank you for being honest!!). This blog is a little celebration of life!

  • Bethany says:

    This post was really cute! I was chuckling because I could just picture the girls in the jungle that was your back seats!! The flowers are just gorgeous! And I love that the girls are expressing their own fashion styles! I didn’t know that Lisa was venturing out into new metals so that’s exciting too!

  • tricia says:

    gah, i love the way the girls dress! you’re the coolest mama ever! not only do you exemplify everything that i think an awesome mama should encompass, but you don’t mind sharing how and why you do what you do. you’re amazing, lady!

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