long denim skirt

June 1, 2015

denim skirtdenim skirtdenim skirtI found a long, button-down denim skirt at the thrift store in Texas when we were there for Christmas, but it is just a teeny bit too small (I passed it on to my sister). I’ve been keeping an eye out for one as I visit thrift stores, but most of them have been newer denim skirts. I was so happy when I came across this one (for $2!) a week ago. There were belt loops, but I didn’t want them, so I took them off with a seam ripper. My top is a vintage linen one I’ve had for years.

I’ve been hitting the jackpot at the thrift store with some nice vintage pieces. I do a happy dance when I across a vintage piece with a label that says, “Made in the U.S.A.” They just don’t make them like they used to.

Anyone been around long enough to when Rachel and I used to do our “Vintage Here, Vintage There” series? That was a fun way to encourage and inspire each other to get dressed up. We both got busy and I got pregnant (with Glow) and we slowly stopped. I used to wear a lot more 50’s and 60’s style dresses (the fit and flare type), especially shirt dresses. Those fit my then body type well, and made breastfeeding a whole lot easier, but then a year or so after having Glow, my body changed and those styles didn’t work well on me anymore. I still much prefer vintage over new, but now I gravitate to more loose, flowy, and shift style dresses. If my outfit wasn’t thrifted, more than likely, I probably sewed it. I’ve only bought a handful of new things this year, one of which was this jumpsuit, a striped dress from Zara, this dress from Old Navy, and an Everlane tee. Shoes though, that’s a whole other story; shoes are my weakness.

top, vintage (similar new, similar vintage). skirt, vintage (similar new, similar vintage). shoes, seychelles (long ago; similar new, similar vintage). bag, flea market (similar new, similar vintage).

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