April 11, 2011

Oh man. We finally headed to flea market, which we have been abstaining for about seven months now because we need to save our pennies, but we caved and went. Actually, my sister’s boyfriend needed some help picking out some props for a photo shoot that he is styling, so he wanted my advice. I happily obliged and dragged the rest of my family along. Well, I couldn’t go see some of my favorite vendors and leave empty handed, could I?!! Nope.
from the flea market
I have mentioned I hit nesting mode and have been crazily cleaning and redecorating my house (when my energy is present) and Ben and I did indeed gets lots of cleaning done on Saturday. Woot! Woot! So since there has been redecorating, I have been conjuring up a little list of little vintage goodies that I would like to find and it seems as this past jaunt to the flea market helped me cross some things off the list. The picture above is just a few of the goods that came home with us, the others are still stuck in the trunk of our car cause we were too hungry and tired to take them out, but you can be sure they will be out first thing tomorrow! Seriously, I love decorating! If anyone gave me a budget and told me what their style is and what they were looking for (and trusted me with outfitting their space), I would totally take that job!!!
Any of you in spring cleaning/redecorating mode? Or are you feeling kinda stuck with your space and don’t know how to get yourself in gear? Rachel has an e-course coming up called Style Your Space and I am pretty sure you will want into get into the mix! Rachel has great style and she can help give you a jump start to create a space that you love and reflects you.
style your space
Also included in the e-course is 8 home tours with other lovely ladies from around the web. One of the tours will include a room from my house that I have never shared, but I hardly feel I deserve to be in such company as Victoria from sfgirlbybay or Andrea from Hula Seventy (or amongst the other way cool ladies). Their homes are for sure way more fabulous!
style your space
The class will be ready soon and I know Rachel has been logging in long hours prepping for this, so you know there is just going to be loads of good stuff. When a labor of love is involved, it always comes out good. Keep checking here to find out how and when to sign up.
There is another busy week up ahead, so I am off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday with my Benny. Hope your weekend was just as productive! Did you go hunting for any goodies for your home?

13 comments on “decorating”

  • Linda Park says:

    woot woot. lovin' the globe!

    you can decorate my house any day! 🙂

  • jenny miller says:

    Score! Those are some great finds. Rachel's class sounds awesome!

  • lizziedoesit says:

    i went to the flea market last month and found some treasures too! hope i can go up next time, they had a light up globe last month wish i would of got it!! xo

  • Eleni says:

    I am ITCHING to get me to a decent market – spring fever hits and I want to re-decorate, too – every eyar, never fails! Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labour!

  • Dani says:

    Is that shelves or a cart? Love it all! I have bought 3 globes recently- love them. We hit the flea market as well this weekend…check out what happened to me-

  • Maggie says:

    i had never been to a “junk” show until this weekend…and i fell in love! i found some gorgeous blue Ball jars and a really old, white window with the panes still intact. it was too gorgeous to pass up! the whole time i was there, i kept thinking, “ruby would love this stuff”! thanks for all your vintage inspiration!

  • jozen says:

    i picked up the cutest yellow weigh scale at the melrose flea market… and best of all.. it works!

  • Misha Lulu says:

    Can't wait to see!

  • Thalita Dol says:

    I would totally take that job too! =D

    I'm on decorating mode for or new house. I go to sleep thinking of it, and wake up thinking of it…! So happy!

    hugs from Brazil!

  • Rachel says:

    I just signed! Can't wait! Love your flea market goodies!

  • jorjiapeach says:

    i've been coveting vintage gym baskets real bad. in fact, i've avoided buying them on ebay, hoping to stumble across one or two at a thrift store. no luck. perhaps the flea market is a happy medium. i just might find myself over there next month.. keeping my fingers crossed that those pretty little baskets won't break my bank.

  • Lara says:

    i just bought a globe myself…and i'm dying for some of those metal baskets for organizing things! nice work! 😉

    btw, thanks so much for the link to my blog. i hope your crewel pieces arrived safely.

  • Chickything says:

    I am currently turning the house upside down.

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