vintage here, vintage there: week five

December 7, 2010

vintage here, vintage there

Buying vintage clothes is a learning process. The key is to know your bust, waist, and hip measurements, and a whole lot more clothes are opened up to you if you know how to sew or don’t mind paying a bit more to get something altered. For example, I usually look for dresses where the bust measures between 35”-37”, but if something is 34” and has darts (you know those funny sewn lines/triangles in the booby area), then I know it will fit. Also, it is better to go a bit bigger as it can always be taken in.

As far as waist and hip measurements go, if you know what your measurements are, then that is pretty easy to figure out when determining if a dress will fit. Though, I never really run into problems with the hip part of vintage dresses because the styles I usually like are loose and flowy anyways.

vintage here, vintage there
In addition, I am a pretty short gal standing at 5 foot exactly, so most dresses are super long on me and have to be hemmed. I usually like the length of my dresses to be right below/at/or slightly above my knee. Since vintage dresses are pretty classic and have blind hems, I like to keep it that way and do blind hems to all my vintage dresses. This is somewhat a pain as I do it by hand, and especially a pain because this particular dress I am wearing is a circle skirt and those are so difficult to hem! At least to me.
vintage here, vintage there
You have seen this dress before as it was the dress that Ben gave me for my birthday. I did have to take in the sides just a smidge, but it was the blind hemming that took forever. I sat there with a movie on and blind hemmed away!
vintage here, vintage there
on me: dress, vintage from golden fur vintage. belt, thrifted. tights, target. boots, kohls (bought by my mom!). umbrella, vintage.
My girls are absent from this week’s “vintage here, vintage there” because we took these pictures on our way home from church. The girls were in the car eating and we didn’t want to deal with any fighting because I am sure they were in no mood for pictures, especially because it started raining as we were taking them. Good thing, I had the vintage umbrella I bought in Portland in the car ready to be used! I promise to share a plethora of pictures of them this week.
I know some of you want to know about how much vintage dresses may cost, anything else you curious about? Please tell us what else would you like us to share in our “vintage here, vintage there” posts. Don’t forget to head over to Rachel’s and see what she and her gang are wearing “over there“.
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