wednesday: wrap it up

December 8, 2010

wrap it up
This week I am using tissue paper as gift adornments. It doesn’t always have to be the traditional bow, right?!!
For this first gift, I cut various strips of tissue paper, then layered it on top of each other with a strip of glue at the top. After which, I cut slits to create a fringe. It gives the gift a fun vibe, but now that I am thinking of it, it may be cool to do this from top to bottom! Wouldn’t that be fun?!!
wrap it up
For this one, I cut a scalloped edge off of a strip of kraft tissue paper, wrapped it around the gift. Then tied a strip of over it. Sweet and simple…
wrap it up
Making tissue paper flowers are always so fun, so this is what this one has! I bunched up some orange tissue paper, cut some slits, and messied it up. Behind it, I gathered some light green tissue paper to act as some leaves. It could probably do with out the green and just have the flower, but it is whatever suits your fancy! It is tied on using some really thin twine.
wrap it up
I finally ordered the girls their main Christmas gift. You know, the one from Santa. *wink* The only one left is Ben. I don’t know what to get him! I am bugging him to give me a list, so we will see. I just gave him mine, though there really isn’t much on there. I still want that bag that I have really been wanting since my birthday (out of the budget though) and a couple other cutesy things, but seriously, I am so stuck! I will think of some things and share it here soon, along with what we are getting our girls since some of you have asked.
Are you done with Christmas shopping? I started mine in the summer so I had most of them done by the time December hit, but we still haven’t started decorating! Oh boy!!! Not enough time in a day…
wrap it up: trim
wrap it up: paper
wrap it up: yarn
p.s. if you are wondering about soulie’s birthday, it went well (praise God!)! sadly though, i have no pictures to share as i didn’t take any. i had christian cruz take them, so i am patiently waiting (breathing down his neck is more like it) to get the pictures back! once i do, i will be sure to share it!

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