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December 13, 2017

Another creative children shop we love is Treehouse Kid and Craft based out of Athens and Decatur, Georgia. It’s been around for a long time and we’ve picked up some of our favorite toys from there (remember this Rody birthday?). I know when they were very little, I was the primary say so on what toys come into the house, and honestly, much of what has stuck around have been those classic wooden and handmade pieces. Of course, they have plenty of My Little Pony and Star Wars toys too, and those simply get integrated into all their creative play too. Kids are kids, and no matter what toys you give them, play allows them to express their creativity, but I do love toys that are beautiful as they are functional because let’s face it, toys end up everywhere. Here are some popular ones from Treehouse Kid and Craft that fit the beautiful, but functional, and encourages creativity…

Dumye dolls: Made by Sahar, who is a UGA grad (the local college near Treehouse Kid 7 Craft), a doll is donated to children in need for every doll that is sold. These are no doubt heirloom quality and gorgeous to boot! These dolls also have a really sweet little pocket in the back for a little note to whomever you are giving doll to, and later, they can use it for their own tiny keepsakes.

Loog guitars: Professional quality electric guitars for kids. How perfect this would have been for Glow’s Ash costume (see here). These are 3 string guitars and come with an app and cards to help kids learn chords, which makes it really easy to transfer to adult guitars in the future.

Blockitecture blocks: These are made by Areaware. For the little builder, these architecture blocks are amazing to mix in with magnatiles or regular wooden blocks to create kingdoms and cities. One toy you won’t mind being left out on the coffee table.

Snake blocks: The pieces are connected by an elastic band throughout. Make them big and small, these create beautiful sculptures. Perfect for for idle hands and way better than the fidget spinner. Also, perfect for studying sculptures and art.

Technology will save us kits: Fantastic kits that introduce kids to circuits, programing, and coding.The playdough kit is great for young kids and then they can progress to the other kits as time goes on!

Voice Recorders: Just imagine how fun the kids would have recording their voice and leaving messages for each other! There’s also a little knob to alter the sound. They can sing a song, tell a joke, or even beatbox, and then have fun playing it back.

Art supplies: Art supplies never go out of style and children can never have too many. You never know what medium they will take to, so it’s good to give them an array of choices and see which they love best.

Also, if you’re in Atlanta or Athens, you’ll want to check out their Art Carts (creative kits for parties) and Art School classes. My kids personally have snake blocks, art supplies, and the voice recorder on their list, so we will see what they end up unwrapping. What kinds of toys have you purchased this year?

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