lace clay dish

December 12, 2017

Lace Clay Dish

Air drying clay
Plastic rolling pin
Carving/cutting clay tool (plastic knife may do)


1. Using a 3″ ball of clay (makes about 6″-8″ clay dishes), roll out to desired size and until about 1/4″ thick.

2. Place your doily/lace on the clay, and roll onto the clay to create the doily/lace impression. Carefully remove the doily/lace. Get creative with the design placement, and put the design on the whole space or part of the space.


3. Cut out the shape of your dish. To smooth out the edges, dip your fingers in some water and rub along the edges to smooth.


4. Place the clay piece in a shallow bowl to dry. This will allow the clay dish to form its shape. Allow clay to dry completely; it takes about 24-48 hours.


5. Paint the edges of the dish. Allow to dry completely.

Children will have fun making this and it makes the perfect grandparent gift or gift for yourself to catch all your baubles. It might be the perfect holiday craft to make once on Christmas break!

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