they called it my funny birthday

November 4, 2013

I'm 32ooo!!!I'm 32ooo!!!I'm 32ooo!!!I'm 32ooo!!!I'm 32ooo!!!I'm 32ooo!!!I'm 32ooo!!!I'm 32ooo!!!I'm 32ooo!!!I'm 32ooo!!!I'm 32ooo!!!I'm 32ooo!!!I'm 32ooo!!!Since last year I went on a birthday trip, we had been planning to do another one this year. Though the week leading up to my birthday weekend, I didn’t want to go, and all I wanted to do was stay home for my birthday and clean. Am I lame or what? My sister and friends were trying to convince me not to do that, but it’s what excited me the most! The girls would still be spending the weekend with my parents, so the idea of being able to clean the house while they weren’t here sounded like the most fun idea (I’m weird, aren’t I?!). So that’s exactly what we did! Ben and I did throw in 2 dinner dates, get to do some mattress shopping (we still haven’t picked one), and he did take me cactus shopping (another birthday request), so I think I made out pretty good.

The actual day of my birthday I cleaned all day long. My horrific throw-it-in-and-close-the-door room is actually looking more like a room, and we got rid of a lot of junk. Both Ben and I cleaned different parts of the house, and our entire house is feeling more manageable. I told Ben not to make me breakfast in bed since the girls weren’t here, and to hold off on giving his present. We agreed we would celebrate the next day as my birthday, so the girls could be part of it all. My birthday was such a productive cleaning day and it’s all I wanted.

We did end up celebrating it the next day and I got the family tradition of breakfast in bed. It was really cute how they made foxes from the waffles! Apparently, it was True’s idea and she was inspired by something she saw in a magazine. The girls had been “working” on my presents for awhile now, so I was excited (and nervous) to finally see what it was. My heart was melting as I opened each one to see their cute creations and cards! True made me a recipe book and Brave made me a pen holder. They also wrapped a bunch of other things that were already mine and gifted it back to me (for example, my dry erase marker, nail polishes, rings, necklaces, highlighters, and the list goes on…)! I was wondering where some of those things went. Really though, their handmade cards and gifts are the sweetest things this mama could get.

The rest of my belated birthday was nice and chill. The girls got to watch some shows, while I got to do a little bit more cleaning, and Ben took care of all our meals (and cleaned some more too!). We had a nice family dinner together and Ben made one of my favorite dishes. It was such a simple birthday and Ben kept calling it my “funny birthday” because all I did was clean. He was feeling bad because that’s what we were doing, but I kept reassuring him, it’s what I really wanted. I just wanted to be able to give the house a good purge and clean, so that my days with my girls are much less of housekeeping and more love giving to my little ones. My heart is feeling very full and loved at how great it is to now be 32, and have my little 4 sweethearts and my loving husband to share all this with. To me, it was the most perfect way to celebrate my 32nd birthday.

Have you ever just wanted to clean for your birthday?

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