April 20, 2013

an off week This week was an off week for us. I got sick, some of the girls got sick, lots of deadlines, Ben’s work has been super stressful, and then to have the horrific evil that’s unfolded in Boston has just made this week a complete off week. For many of those directly affected by the tragedy, their lives will never be the same and I imagine they might have many more off weeks ahead to finding that new normal for them. I’m praying for healing and peace for all those that have been affected.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

As Glow grabs the mini DVD player she says, “Wa wat.” Translated: I wanna watch. Sorry kid. Not for you. We let the big girls watch shows on it, especially this week when everyone was feeling cruddy, and this baby of ours definitely takes notice of everything going on.

I finally made it to the doctor to get some things checked. I’m thankful for my temporal, good health.

Soul loves swimming so much and every day around 5 o’clock asks, “Is it swimming class today?”

How amazing does this apple streusel breakfast pizza look? I’m definitely making this soon.

7.5-ers! Look at this adorable and reasonably priced, nude, ankle strap sandal! So cute!!!

Last week at the flea market, I got some vintage grain sacks from my favorite European linen seller. I did a nice deep clean of them and now they’re sitting pretty in our family room.

Our pastor shared this funny video with us! If you’re a parent, I’m sure you could relate. It’s funny stuff.

My last post had me thinking about how this generation may definitely be more worry warts about certain things than maybe previous generations before us. For Ben and me, we just tend to be more cautious about it, but I know my parents didn’t worry about plastics used and hand sanitizer when we were kids, but we’re alive and kickin’ just fine. I think as parents, we just have to do what feels best for our families. We’re all learning things all the time and adjust based on those things. We learn more about GMOs, hydrogenation, and other things we may be exposed to and while we can’t control everything, we do what we can. You’re not a bad parent if you use a microwave or didn’t think about what kind of hose you use for your vegetable garden. I’m sure we’re all doing the best we possibly can for our children and for that we should always be proud.

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    I live near your european linen seller, wow, I’m going to check them out this week!

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