vintage here, vintage there: week four, date night edition

November 29, 2010

vintage here, vintage there
Let’s face it, life is busy. If you’re single, working, working at home, whatever it is you do, you are probably busy. That’s just how things go, isn’t it? With all the busyness of life, some things like date nights are just too important to forget about. Now, we don’t do date nights weekly or bi-weekly for that matter, but we try to get it in at least once a month. It is so easy to throw on any old thing for a date night, but isn’t it more fun to get all gussied up for the one you love?!! I think so!
vintage here, vintage there
Recently, we went a bit more dressed up for our date night because went to one of our favorite seafood restaurants. I felt all giddy getting all dressed up to go on a date with my Benny. I loved every minute of it! I like looking nice for my Ben! Plus, I rarely have a reason to wear heels, but I love any chance I get to do so!
vintage here, vintage there
vintage here, vintage there
on ben: shirt, american apparel. tie, vintage from my grandpa. vest, vintage. jeans, diesel. shoes, new balance.
on me: dress, vintage. belt, vintage. tights, target. shoes, macys.
Ben loves vintage just as much as I do, so usually he is wearing at least one piece. Plus, he really only shops at thrift and vintage shops. The only things he wears that aren’t vintage are his shoes and pants. This vintage dress of mine is one of his favorites (and my favorite) in my collection.
The pictures were a bit tricky to get as date nights are at night, so I used my external flash with my camera set up on the gorilla pod, but I am no camera pro, so I didn’t know where to aim my flash. Or maybe I will just pretend that these were the types of pictures I was aiming for… a mysterious romance kinda feel! Ha! I love my husband and I love to kiss him (well, make out is more like it)!!!
Don’t forget to head over to Rachel’sover there” and see what smashin’ outfit she wore on a date night out with Brett! They are another couple with the initials R + B, which I think is the perfect combination! Right Rachel?!!
Now, do we have you in the mood to bug your man for a date?!! If you want a dress to get all gussied up? Check out this, this, this, and this. I would totally wear any of those on a date night! Tell me what is your idea of a perfect date night outfit? I wanna hear (read) all about it!
vintage mama feature
Also, this week we are introducing having our first “Vintage Here, Vintage There” guest, featuring Heather from 3 Ring Circus, so go check that out here! One of our favorite aspects of “vintage here, vintage there” is being able to share what other vintage lovin’ mamsa love and wear, so we are excited to have our first feature!
vintage here, vintage there
I am so excited (and maybe a tad bit stressed), but we have a fun and busy week ahead as our Soulie turns one on Friday!!! Eeks!!!
Hello Monday and the busy week ahead!!!
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