sir cumference

April 29, 2016

We are studying angles and this one of my favorite things to teach kids. Really though, all the credit goes to Sir Cumference who makes learning shapes and angles so fun. When I taught fourth grade, I looked forward to being able to introduce my students to the Sir Cumference books. You get to meet characters like Lady Di of Ameter, Radius, and visit the a cute town with pointy little roofs. We aren’t math fans, but I do love when we can integrate math with stories because it really helps our non-math brains understand and get excited about it. It brings all the math and numbers to life. I think that’s why we love Life of Fred so much too. If you’ve never heard of Sir Cumference, I highly recommend checking out all his stories (find them here) and I think your children will enjoy the math adventure he takes you on, I know mine certainly do.

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