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July 29, 2011

vh, vt
At the end of the workshop on Saturday, Ben came by with the girls to check things out, meet some readers, and help load up the car. I knew George Key Ranch was a beautiful place to take pictures, so I had clothes laid out for him to dress the girls. The girls came in the right clothes, but he couldn’t find the right shoes for True and Soul came with a her hair a little wild, but I think he prefers it that way.
This week’s feature includes some special pieces that Rachel and I got to try out from Tea Collection. In addition to our special feature on Tea, we have a special photographer behind the camera as after the workshop, Jen (from I ART U) was kind enough to take pictures of us in our little frocks. Um, Jen, can you take our pictures for VH, VT every week? She’s for hire, in case you are wondering…
This is my first time trying out clothes by Tea and I must say I love the quality of the cotton and they aren’t just some cheap fabric that will lose color and unravel after the first wash. Actually, I have already washed the clothes and they look just as good as when they arrived. But with pretty things like vintage and clothes from Tea, I don’t ever throw them in the dryer, rather I let them air dry.
I have mentioned this before, but True is superly duperly shy. You may not think so based on her pictures in this space, but in real life she is! I think she gets it from me, okay, maybe not, probably Ben. Thus, since it wasn’t Ben or me behind the camera she kept hiding. I think it is evident in these pictures.
When picking out clothes for the girls, I get sizes that would work for both Brave and True since they are both so similar now, except what is short on one would be longer on the other. I loved the pieces in Tea cause they are all pretty classic and timeless, which is important when you have three girls because I want to be sure that clothing is timeless enough to keep getting passed down and passed down. Though, the waiting isn’t very long in our family since they are all so close in age.
If I had time, I would make a big yellow emerson-made like flower and pin it on Brave’s dress. I must add that to my to-do list, which is growing but hardly getting done. The night before the workshop, I was ransacking my closet looking for something to wear. I think every thing looks funny on me and nothing feels right. I made such a huge mess in my closet! Finally, I settled on this cheery, vintage, yellow dress that still remained a decent length despite going over my big bump. I kept complaining to Ben that I have nothing to wear, but isn’t that every girls’ complaint all of the time?! *wink*
And aren’t Brave’s vintage litte oxfords adorable?! I am so glad I came across those. Obviously, we don’t always wear vintage from head to toe, but we do try infuse our love for old things and recycling old things as often as we can!
on me: dress, vintage via ms. tips. shoes, vintage. bracelets, vintage.
on true: dress, c/o tea. shoes, vintage. flower in hair, picked by true.
on brave: flamenco dot pocket dress, c/o tea. shoes, vintage.
on soul: skinny french terry cargo, c/o tea. tank, american apparel (with buttons added by me). moccasins, freshly picked.
We have a couple other pretties we got from Tea, but those will follow in another post. Rachel and her little ones went casual in their Tea goodies as they played a game of croquet! Even Sebastian got his own set of goods to strut! The Denbow clan is always lookin’ good, so don’t forget to go “over there” (sometime later today now) and check them out.
*All photos taken by Jennifer Young.

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