the bookends

October 21, 2014

the bookendsthe bookendsthe bookendsthe bookendsthe bookendsthe bookendsThese are my bookend kids, my oldest and my youngest. It’s quite special to watch the unique relationships between all of them, but it’s especially cute to see the mothering True does with Glow. Brave does it too, but by nature of birth order, True is steps into that role more often. There are five years between the oldest and younger (oh my gosh that’s close!), so it will be interesting how their relationship continues to play out as they get older.

My baby sister and I are ten years apart, but she was the pretty much the sibling I have always been closest to, probably because we are the most alike. I have fond memories of her just wanting to hang around me wherever I was, especially if I was on the phone talking to Ben (during our dating years). She just liked being in the room listening to our conversation, and she was the one Ben always enlisted to help him carry out his surprises for me. I was 19 and she was 9, while our other siblings were 12 and 15 and definitely in that angsty tween-teen stage, so I think it was easier to bug me than them.

I wonder what my girls’ relationships with each other will look like in a few years. Right now, they are all really close, I hope it stays that way. They all have their fair share of spats, naturally, but what siblings don’t?

on true: dress, c/o fab kids. shoes, old navy. on glow: dress, c/o fab kids. high-tops, old navy.

Glow’s shoes are from the boy section, but I think it totally works for girls too. She also got a new haircut. Her first hair cut ever and while I was missing her long hair the next day, it was always in her face and she loves it! She loves going to the mirror to check herself out. HA!



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  • Aria says:

    When I see photos of your girls all together, they look so close in age! With just the “bookends” True looks so grown up and Glow seems younger, although that’s probably because of her baby face with the new haircut too.

  • Esther says:

    Glow’s haircut really suits her. She looks adorable!

  • Danica says:

    I love Glow’s haircut, too cute!
    Bookends. You’re funny ruby! I’m sure they will be very close! My sister amd I are ten years apart like you and your sister but sadly we are not super super close. I’m married and have my own life and she is still in high school which is a totally different world. Maybe in a few years when she grows up a bit more! 🙂

  • Your girls are SO cute, and I love their names! Glow’s outfit is adorable.
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  • Cait says:

    Glow’s haircut is SO super cute! I would definitely put my daughter in those shoes too. She actually needs some winter shoes so I may just check them out!
    My youngest sibling is ten years younger, but I definitely have not been a great big sister, especially since moving away (I got married at 19, and then we moved away from Dubai, where my family lives, a year later). I truly want to do better at that – writing letters and emails and such – but I have a hard time putting it into action.

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